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    This library exports the dynatraceAnalytics plugin for the analytics package & standalone methods for any project to use to make it easier to interact with Dynatrace.

    This analytics plugin will load Dynatrace into your application, if you have not already loaded it via a <script>.


    npm install analytics
    npm install @volusion/analytics-plugin-dynatrace

    How to use

    import Analytics from "analytics";
    import { dynatraceAnalytics } from "@volusion/analytics-plugin-dynatrace";
    const analytics = Analytics({
        app: "your-app",
        plugins: [
                src: "", // required

    Get the src for your dynatrace script from your Dynatrace account.

    Page tracking

    Dynatrace page tracking wants the following data:

        name, // New view name. Usually it matches the location.pathname or location.hash
        group, // New view group. It is recommended to contain the dynamic placeholders of the view name. For example, if the view name is "/books/123", view group should be "books/:bookId" or similar.

    You will need to translate your paths into groups in your application before calling page tracking, something like this:

    // this is the simplest possible version
    // it converts "/thing/123" to "/thing/:thingid"
    const groupFromPath = (path: string) => {
        return path.replace(/\/thing\/\d+/, "/thing/:thingid");
        name: location.pathname,
        group: groupFromPath(location.pathname),


    compile using npx tsc -d -w


    This library only supports the DtrumApi methods that we have needed so far, feel free to submit a PR with support for more.

    • Checkout a new branch prefixed with Jira ticket and relevant description, ie PROJ-123-my-feature
    • Make your changes
    • Ensure commit follows our guidelines, see here
    • Open PR against main

    Commit Guidelines

    We enforce standard commit messages on pull requests to main based on the conventional commit specification. Commits must be structured in the format type: commit message. Common types include feat:, chore:, and fix:.


    npm i @volusion/analytics-plugin-dynatrace

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