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Visulima Deep Clone

Really Fast Deep Clone.

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npm install @visulima/deep-clone
yarn add @visulima/deep-clone
pnpm add @visulima/deep-clone


Copy or deep clone an input value to an arbitrary depth. The function accepts both objects and primitives.

import deepClone from "@visulima/deep-clone";

const cloned = deepClone({ a: 1, b: { c: 2 } });

console.log(cloned); // => {a: 1, b: {c: 2}}


deepClone(input, options?)


Type: any

The input value to copy.


Type: object


Type: boolean

Default: false

If true, it will copy all properties, including non-enumerable ones and symbols.


Type: object

A set of custom handlers for specific type of value. Each handler is a function that takes the original value and returns a new value or throws an error if the value is not supported.

  • Array: InternalHandler<unknown[]>;
  • ArrayBuffer: InternalHandler;
  • Blob: InternalHandler;
  • DataView: InternalHandler;
  • Date: InternalHandler;
  • Error: InternalHandler;
  • Float32Array: InternalHandler;
  • Float64Array: InternalHandler;
  • Int8Array: InternalHandler;
  • Int16Array: InternalHandler;
  • Int32Array: InternalHandler;
  • Map: InternalHandler<Map<unknown, unknown>>;
  • Object: InternalHandler<Record<string, unknown>>;
  • Promise: InternalHandler<Promise>;
  • RegExp: InternalHandler;
  • Set: InternalHandler<Set>;
  • WeakMap: InternalHandler<WeakMap<any, unknown>>;
  • WeakSet: InternalHandler<WeakSet>;



Copy all properties contained on the object.

import { copyOwnProperties } from "@visulima/deep-clone/utils";

const obj = { a: 1, b: 2 };

const copy = copyOwnProperties(obj);

console.log(copy); // => {a: 1, b: 2}


Get an empty version of the object with the same prototype it has.

import { getCleanClone } from "@visulima/deep-clone/utils";

const obj = { a: 1, b: 2 };

const clean = getCleanClone(obj);

console.log(clean); // => {}


  • List of supported values/types:

    • undefined (original value is returned)
    • null (original value is returned)
    • boolean/Boolean (original value is returned)
    • string/String (original value is returned)
    • number/Number (original value is returned)
    • function
    • Object
    • Date
    • RegExp
    • Set
    • Map
    • Error
    • URIError
    • ReferenceError
    • SyntaxError
    • RangeError
    • EvalError
    • TypeError
    • System Error (Node.js)
    • Array
    • Int8Array
    • Uint8Array
    • Uint8ClampedArray
    • Init16Array
    • Uint16Array
    • Int32Array
    • Uint32Array
    • Float32Array
    • Float64Array
    • Buffer (Node.js)
    • DataView
    • Blob
  • List of unsupported values/types:

    • DOMElement: to copy DOM elements, use element.cloneNode().
    • Symbol
    • WeakMap
    • WeakSet
    • File
    • FileList
    • ImageData
    • ImageBitmap
    • Promise
    • SharedArrayBuffer
  • The implementation can handle circular references.

  • If a Number, String, or Boolean object is encountered, the value is cloned as a primitive. This behavior is intentional. The implementation is opinionated in wanting to avoid creating numbers, strings, and booleans via the new operator and a constructor.

  • The implementation only checks whether basic Objects, Arrays, and class instances are extensible, sealed, and/or frozen.

  • functions are not cloned; their reference is copied.

  • The implementation supports custom error types which are Error instances (e.g., ES2015 subclasses).



It is true that jsondiffpatch.clone() from jsondiffpatch is faster than @visulima/deep-clonse in this particular benchmark, but it cannot handle as many situations as @visulima/deep-clonse can.

It is true that fastest-json-copy is faster than @visulima/deep-clonse in this particular benchmark. Also, fastest-json-copy has such huge limitations that it is rarely useful. For example, it treats things like Date and Map instances the same as empty {}. It can't handle circular references.

plain-object-clone is also really limited in capability.

Supported Node.js Versions

Libraries in this ecosystem make the best effort to track Node.js’ release schedule. Here’s a post on why we think this is important.


If you would like to help take a look at the list of issues and check our Contributing guild.

Note: please note that this project is released with a Contributor Code of Conduct. By participating in this project you agree to abide by its terms.



The visulima deep-clone is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT

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