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    React component to format number in an input or as a text


    1. Prefix, suffix and thousand separator.
    2. Custom format pattern.
    3. Masking.
    4. Custom formatting handler.
    5. Formatting a input or a simple text.



    Through npm npm install react-number-format --save

    Or get compiled development and production version from ./dist


    Props Options Default Description
    thousandSeparator mixed: single character string or boolean true (true is default to ,) none Add thousand separators on number
    decimalSeparator single character string . Support decimal point on a number
    decimalPrecision number none If defined it limits to given decimal precision
    allowNegative boolean true allow negative numbers (Only when format option is not provided)
    prefix String (ex : $) none Add a prefix before the number
    suffix String (ex : /-) none Add a prefix after the number
    value Number or String null Value to the number format. If passed as string it should have same decimal separator as the decimalSeparator props
    displayType String: text / input input If input it renders a input element where formatting happens as you input characters. If text it renders it as a normal text in a span formatting the given value
    type One of ['text', 'tel'] text Input type attribute
    format String : Hash based ex (#### #### #### ####)
    Or Function
    none If format given as hash string allow number input inplace of hash. If format given as function, component calls the function with unformatted number and expects formatted number.
    mask String (ex : _) none If mask defined, component will show non entered placed with masked value.
    customInput Component Reference input This allow supporting custom inputs with number format.
    onChange (e, values) => {} none onChange handler accepts event object and values object
    isAllowed (values) => true or false none A checker function to check if input value is valid or not

    Other than this it accepts all the props which can be given to a input or span based on displayType you selected.

    values object

    values object is on following format

      formattedValue: '$23,234,235.56', //value after applying formatting
      value: '23234235.56', //non formatted value as string, but it maintains the decimalSeparator provided, so if , is decimal separator then value will be 23234235,56
      floatValue: 23234235.56 //floating point representation. For big numbers it can have exponential syntax

    Notes and quirks

    1. Value can be passed as string or number, but if it is passed as string you should maintain the same decimal separator on the string what you provided as decimalSeparator prop.

    2. Value as prop will be rounded to given precision if format option is not provided.

    3. If you want to block floating number set decimalPrecision to 0.

    4. Use type as tel when you are providing format prop. This will change the mobile keyboard layout to have only numbers. In other case use type as text, so user can type decimal separator.


    Prefix and thousand separator : Format currency as text

    var NumberFormat = require('react-number-format');
    <NumberFormat value={2456981} displayType={'text'} thousandSeparator={true} prefix={'$'} />

    Output : $2,456,981

    Format with pattern : Format credit card as text

    <NumberFormat value={4111111111111111} displayType={'text'} format="#### #### #### ####" />

    Output : 4111 1111 1111 1111

    Prefix and thousand separator : Format currency in input

    <NumberFormat thousandSeparator={true} prefix={'$'} />

    Screencast example

    Maintaining change value on state

    <NumberFormat value={this.state.profit} thousandSeparator={true} prefix={'$'} onChange={(e, values) => {
        const {formattedValue, value} = values;
        // formattedValue = $222,3
        //value ie, 2223
        this.setState({profit: value})

    Format with pattern : Format credit card in an input

    <NumberFormat format="#### #### #### ####" />

    Screencast example

    Format with mask : Format credit card in an input

    <NumberFormat format="#### #### #### ####" mask="_"/>

    Screencast example

    Custom format method : Format credit card expiry time

    function limit(val, max) {
      if (val.length === 1 && val[0] > max[0]) {
        val = '0' + val;
      if (val.length === 2) {
        if (Number(val) === 0) {
          val = '01';
        //this can happen when user paste number
      } else if (val > max) {
          val = max;
      return val;
    function cardExpiry(val) {
      let month = limit(val.substring(0, 2), '12');
      let date = limit(val.substring(2, 4), '31');
      return month + (date.length ? '/' + date : '');
    <NumberFormat format={cardExpiry}/>

    Screencast example

    Custom Inputs

    You can easily extend your custom input with number format. But custom input should have all input props.

      import TextField from 'material-ui/TextField';
      <NumberFormat customInput={TextField} format="#### #### #### ####"/>

    Screencast example

    Passing custom input props All custom input props and number input props are passed together.

      <NumberFormat hintText="Some placeholder" value={this.state.card} customInput={TextField} format="#### #### #### ####"/>

    Live Demo

    Show your support

    this repo

    Major Updates


    • Added isAllowed prop to validate custom input and reject input based on it.
    • onChange api been changed. Now it receives values object as second parameter.
    • decimalSeparator no longer support boolean values
    • thousandSeparator accepts only true as boolean (which defaults to ,) or thousandSeparator string
    • decimalPrecision only accepts number Now
    • Value can be passed as string or number but if it is passed as string you should maintain the same decimal separator on the string what you provided as decimalSeparator prop.
    • Added back the type prop for the input type attribute (Only text or tel is supported)
    • Enforce cursor to be between prefix and suffix in focus, click or arrow navigation.
    • Lot of bugs and stability fixes (See release notes)


    • Download the zip
    • npm install
    • npm start to run example server
    • npm run test to test changes
    • npm run bundle to bundle files


    Test cases are written in jasmine and run by karma Test file : /test/test_input.js To run test : npm run test


    npm i @vinks/react-number-format

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