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DICOM Microscopy Viewer

Vanilla JS library for web-based visualization of DICOM VL Whole Slide Microscopy Image datasets and derived information.

The viewer allows visualization of slide microscopy images stored in a DICOMweb compatible archive. It leverages the dicomweb-client JavaScript library to retrieve data from the archive.


  • Display of different image types: VOLUME/THUMBNAIL, OVERVIEW, LABEL
  • Annotation of regions of interest (ROI) as vector graphics based on 3-dimensional spatial coordinates (SCOORD3D): POINT, MULTIPOINT, POLYLINE, POLYGON, ELLIPSE, ELLIPSOID
  • Assembly of concatenations
  • Decoding of compressed pixel data, supporting baseline JPEG, JPEG 2000, and JPEG-LS codecs
  • Correction of color images using ICC profiles
  • Additive blending and coloring of monochromatic images of multiple optical paths (channels), supporting highly-multiplexed immunofluorescence imaging
  • Overlay of image analysis results in the form of DICOM Segmentation, Parametric Map, Comprehensive 3D SR, or Microscopy Bulk Simple Annotations


Documentation of the JavaScript Application Programming Interface (API) is available online at imagingdatacommons.github.io/dicom-microscopy-viewer.

Getting started

Note that the dicom-microscopy-viewer package is not a viewer application, it is a library to build viewer applications.

Below is an example for the most basic usage: a web page that displays a collection of DICOM VL Whole Slide Microscopy Image instances of a digital slide. For more advanced usage, take a look at the Slim viewer.

Basic usage

The viewer can be embedded in any website, one only needs to

  • Create an instance of VolumeImageViewer. The constructor requires an instance of DICOMwebClient for retrieving frames from the archive as well as the metadata for each DICOM image as an instance of VLWholeSlideMicroscopyImage.

  • Call the render() method, passing it the HTML element (or the name of the element), which shall contain the viewport.

import * as DICOMMicroscopyViewer from 'dicom-microscopy-viewer';
import * as DICOMwebClient from 'dicomweb-client';

// Construct client instance
const client = new DICOMwebClient.api.DICOMwebClient({
  url: 'http://localhost:8080/dicomweb'

// Retrieve metadata of a series of DICOM VL Whole Slide Microscopy Image instances
const retrieveOptions = {
  studyInstanceUID: '',
  seriesInstanceUID: ''
client.retrieveSeriesMetadata(retrieveOptions).then((metadata) => {
  // Parse, format, and filter metadata
  const volumeImages = []
  metadata.forEach(m => {
    const image = new DICOMMicroscopyViewer.metadata.VLWholeSlideMicroscopyImage({
      metadata: m
    const imageFlavor = image.ImageType[2]
    if (imageFlavor === 'VOLUME' || imageFlavor === 'THUMBNAIL') {

  // Construct viewer instance
  const viewer = new DICOMMicroscopyViewer.viewer.VolumeViewer({
    metadata: volumeImages

  // Render viewer instance in the "viewport" HTML element
  viewer.render({ container: 'viewport' });


Please cite the following article when using the viewer for scientific studies: Herrmann et al. J Path Inform. 2018:

        Herrmann, M. D. and Clunie, D. A. and Fedorov A. and Doyle, S. W. and Pieper, S. and
        Klepeis, V. and Le, L. P. and Mutter, G. L. and Milstone, D. S. and Schultz, T. J. and
        Kikinis, R. and Kotecha, G. K. and Hwang, D. H. and Andriole, K, P. and Iafrate, A. J. and
        Brink, J. A. and Boland, G. W. and Dreyer, K. J. and Michalski, M. and
        Golden, J. A. and Louis, D. N. and Lennerz, J. K.
    Title={Implementing the {DICOM} standard for digital pathology},
    Journal={Journal of Pathology Informatics},


Install the dicom-microscopy-viewer package using the npm package manager:

npm install dicom-microscopy-viewer

Development & Testing

We use Babel to compile (transpile), webpack to bundle, and Jest to test JavaScript code.

Get the source code by cloning the git repository:

git clone https://github.com/herrmannlab/dicom-microscopy-viewer
cd dicom-microscopy-viewer

Install dependencies and build the package:

npm install
npm run build

Run tests:

npm run test

Build the API documentation:

npm run generateDocs


The developers gratefully acknowledge their reseach support:

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