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A simple library to select which PST token holder receives a tip. With the addition of SmartWeave contracts being able to custody different types of PSTs, there now needs to be a way for tips to be distributed to contracts in addition to wallets.

How it works

Tippar chooses token holders from contract(s) in recursion until a wallet is selected. Take note of the following examples:

A tip needs to be given to a token holder in Contract A

Tippar Process:

select holder from contract (A)
if holder === contract (B)
  select new holder from contract (B)
  if new holder === wallet
    return new holder
    ...continue recursion

Real-World Example:

An ArDrive user is sending a tip to an ArDrive holder. If the random token-holder selected to receive the tip is the Verto Contract, a new token-holder is calculated from the users who hold a balance of VRT. This means that the ArDrive tip will now be sent to the VRT token holder.


yarn add @verto/tippar


async function chooseRecipient(client: Arweave, contract: string, mode?: string): Promise<string>
  • client: Arweave client instance
  • contract: Profit-Sharing token contract to choose holder from
  • mode?: Optional parameter for setting type of selection
    • "weightedRandom": Select token holder based on a weighted-random
    • "greatest": Select token holder from the the greatest balance
    • Defaults to "weightedRandom"


import { chooseRecipient } from "@verto/tippar;

async function someUserInteraction() {
  const tipReceiver = await chooseRecipient(arweaveClient, pstContract);
  console.log(`Wallet of tip receiver: ${tipReceiver}`);


Any and all contributions are welcome. Feel free to make a PR with any updates for fixes.

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