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Common Laravel-Like rules module for vee-validate

What's this

VeeValidate v4 breaks up the parts that made it a popular solution for form validation into it isolated parts. The core vee-validate package no longer includes the rules that came by default in previous releases, the built-in rules were rebranded as global validators,

This is where this package comes in, It includes the most common validators you will use in most of your applications, vee-validate allows you to express global rules just like Laravel's validation syntax.


yarn add @vee-validate/rules

# or with npm
npm install @vee-validate/rules


Use the defineRule function from vee-validate core library to add rules exported by this library:

import { defineRule } from 'vee-validate';
import { required, email, min } from '@vee-validate/rules';

defineRule('required', required);
defineRule('email', email);
defineRule('min', min);

Or you can globally define all the available rules in the @vee-validate/rules package:

import { defineRule } from 'vee-validate';
import * as rules from '@vee-validate/rules';

Object.keys(rules).forEach(rule => {
  defineRule(rule, rules[rule]);

Available Rules

  • alpha
  • alpha_dash
  • alpha_num
  • alpha_spaces
  • between
  • confirmed
  • digits
  • dimensions
  • email
  • excluded
  • ext
  • image
  • one_of
  • integer
  • is
  • is_not
  • length
  • max
  • max_value
  • mimes
  • min
  • min_value
  • numeric
  • regex
  • required
  • required_if
  • size

For more information about each rules, check the documentation for global validators


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