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    Gathers usage statistics for components used during application development

    To be able to understand and focus development more efficiently, Vaadin gathers product usage statistics during development time and ties this to users who are logged in to their Vaadin account. No statistics or other data is collected from the users of the applications based on any Vaadin technologies.

    Statistics are only gathered when the application is in development mode. Statistics are automatically disabled and the statistics gathering code is automatically excluded from production builds.

    Collected data

    • Vaadin products used in the application, including version numbers
    • Frameworks used in the application, including version numbers
    • Flow features used in the application, including version numers
    • The first and last time a product was used
    • The first time statistics were gathered
    • Your Vaadin user account
    • Whether you are a Vaadin Pro user or not (true/false)
    • Browser user-agent string
    • The IP address the statistics is sent from

    Opting out

    npm and Vaadin 14+ (using npm)

    Using npm, you can disable it for the machine by running

    npm explore @vaadin/vaadin-usage-statistics -- npm run disable

    or you can disable it for the project by adding

       "vaadin": { "disableUsageStatistics": true }

    to your project package.json and running npm install again (remove node_modules if needed).

    You can verify this by checking that vaadin-usage-statistics.js contains an empty function.

    Vaadin 10 - 14 (using Bower)

    Add to your pom.xml:



    To opt-out from statistics, install the no-op version of the vaadin-usage-statistics package using

    bower install --save vaadin/vaadin-usage-statistics#optout

    You can verify this by checking that vaadin-usage-statistics.html is empty.

    If you have any questions on the use of the statistics, please contact




    npm i @vaadin/vaadin-usage-statistics

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