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Universal Connect Widget


Currently, this library has a very small use-case. It is not in a state where it can be used outside the Universal Connect Project ecosystem.

As such, the only way to utilize the Universal Connect Widget--which this library encapsulates--is to run the UCP-App service, which depends on this NPM Package.

Eventually, this library will be refactored in such a way that allows passing configuration into the Component via props, etc., and thus allowing for customization, and use in other projects.

The use-case described above is currently not possible, but as this is a work-in-progress, and as this is the eventual goal, we will leave this usage in place for future reference.

Keep in mind that the API for this component is also a WIP, and is subject to change.

import { ConnectWidget } from "@ucp-npm/components";

function App(): ReactElement {
  return <ConnectWidget />;

export default App;


Install dependencies

npm ci

Bundle files for npm package

(uses RollupJS)

npm run build

Local development

Testing changes to a project that is normally published to NPM can be tricky, especially given the fact that you are using the NPM package code inside another project, but it is definitely possible.

Here are some tips on how to do this.

The first suggestion is to run npm install </path/to/this-project> command in the project that is utilizing the Widget component (NPM package). One example of an app such as this is the ucw-app project, which uses the @ucp-npm/components package.

npm install <folder>

If you do this, any changes that you make to the widget code (this project) should be immediately reflected in the destination project (ucw-app, for example).

For more info, please refer to the official NPM install docs, here.

Another option is to use npm link. Using this method does have its limitations. Please refer to the official NPM link docs for more info.

npm pack is another solution, which we will discuss in the next section. This method is useful, because it creates a version of the npm package that more closely matches the final state of the package, once published to NPM. However, it does not offer the benefit of updating when changes are made, as you develop.

Testing the packed version locally

Use the following command to build a compressed version of the npm module, which can then be used to test locally. This more closely mimics the final state of an NPM package.

npm run pack

Using this compresses version is similar to the folder method, described above.

Once you have run npm run pack, you can then reference the local build/package in a different project using the following command:

npm i <path-to-your-local-compressed-version>

Here is an example of how to use this locally, from another project:

npm i /Users/user.name/projects/ucw-npm-package/ucp-npm-components-0.0.1.tgz

You would run the above command in the root directory of another project.

See the npm docs for more info on the pack command.


Publish to NPM

Publishing to NPM is automatic, and will happen when code is merged to main.

IMPORTANT: Prior to merging your PR to main, make sure the version property in package.json is set to the version you would like to publish. This is where the versions for the NPM is pulled from. If the version in package.json matches a version that has already been published, publishing will be skipped.

Publishing manually

It is strongly discouraged to publish to NPM manually, however, if you need to publish manually, you can do so with the following steps.

Note that publishing is limited to members of the Universal Connect Project organization.

Prior to publishing, you should update your package.json file with the new version number. Follow the semver spec: https://semver.org

To publish to NPM, use the following commands:

npm publish

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