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Configurable core library to preserve spacing and font line heights aligned to a baseline grid.

@typestyled/core solves the problem of manually creating (global) variables to be shared across typed styles in order to preserve spacing and font line heights aligned to a baseline grid. Instead, @typestyled/core provides a configuration object that can be passed around. In addition, it also provides a few helper functions to compute line height and spacing units.

Look how easy it is to use:

import { configure } from '@typestyled/core'

const coreConfig = configure()


  • Default configuration
  • Adjustable settings for custom configuration
  • Baseline grid
  • Spacing units
  • Font alignment to baseline grid
  • Line height computation function
  • Spacing unit computation function

Quick Start

The easiest way to get started with @typestyled/core is to follow along as we go through the examples.

Installing @typestyled/core

We recommend using Yarn or npm for managing front-end dependencies. If you are new to package managers, the Yarn documentation is a good place to start.

To install @typestyled/core with Yarn, run:

yarn init
yarn add @typestyled/core

To install @typestyled/core with npm, run:

npm init
npm install --save @typestyled/core

Both Yarn and npm download packages directly from the npm registry.

Enable TypeScript and Typestyle

We recommend using @typestyled libraries with TypeScript. TypeScript is a strict syntatical superset of JavaScript and adds optional static typing to the JavaScript language, and TypeStyle is a type-safe CSS-in-JS framework that works nicely with Typestyled libraries.

Hello World with TypeScript and TypeStyle

We recommend using a bundler like webpack or Browserify, so you can write modular code and bundle it together into small packages to optimize load time.

A small @typestyled/core example looks like this:

import { configure } from '@typestyled/core'
import { style } from 'typestyle'

const {
  fontSize, // 16px
  lineHeight, // 24px
  piSpacingUnit, // 2px
  omicronSpacingUnit, // 4px
  xiSpacingUnit, // 8px
  nuSpacingUnit, // 16px
  lambdaSpacingUnit, // 32px
} = configure()

const helloClass = style({
  margin: `${lambdaSpacingUnit} auto`,
  padding: `${xiSpacingUnit} ${nuSpacingUnit}`,
  backgroundColor: `yellow`,
  border: `${piSpacingUnit} solid red`,
  borderRadius: xiSpacingUnit,
  boxShadow: `${xiSpacingUnit} ${xiSpacingUnit} ${omicronSpacingUnit} #888`,
  width: `300px`

const element = document.createElement('div')
element.innerHtml = 'Hello World!'

This code gets the default configuration, and uses the spacing units to make a CSS class with TypeStyle's style function.



Copyright © 2017 The Typestyled Authors.

Licensed under the MIT license. See LICENSE.txt in the project root for complete license information.



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