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    TypeScript - Automatic Type Acquisition

    A dependency for downloading *.d.ts files corresponding to a Node.js source file. Relies on API's provided by jsdelivr.


    // Create the function for running ATA with a series of callbacks
    const ata = setupTypeAcquisition({
      projectName: "My ATA Project",
      typescript: ts,
      logger: console,
      delegate: {
        receivedFile: (code: string, path: string) => {
          // Add code to your runtime at the path...
        started: () => {
          console.log("ATA start")
        progress: (downloaded: number, total: number) => {
          console.log(`Got ${downloaded} out of ${total}`)
        finished: vfs => {
          console.log("ATA done", vfs)
    // Run that function with the new sourcefile
    ata(`import danger from "danger"`)

    You can call ata when it is convenient to you, it will not grab the same dependencies twice. The callbacks for started and finished are only triggered when some work is going to happen, so you can use those for UI elements show/hide. progress is triggered every 5 downloads.

    How it works

    At a high level, for this input code:

    import danger from "danger"

    The library will

    • Look for the latest npm module of "danger", then get its file list
    • As there are .d.ts files to download in the dep, then it triggers started
    • Download the *.d.ts files for "danger" from the npm module "danger"
    • Read those .d.ts and look at these modules from usage:
      • "node-fetch" - it sees that "node-fetch" has no .d.ts files and gets them from "@types/node-fetch"
      • "commander" - it sees that command ships its own types
      • "@octokit/rest" - it sees that octokit/rest ships its own types
      • "gitlab" - it also sees
    • Recurse though their dependencies too.
    • Once those are done, trigger finished with a Map of the vfs if you prefer to set them in bulk.


    Users can give a specific npm version or tag to work from instead of the default "latest":

    import { xy } from "xyz" // types: beta

    If this isn't something you want, I'm not against a flag to disable it.




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