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    @types/web - Types for the DOM and most web-related APIs

    This module contains the DOM types for the majority of the web APIs used in a web browser.

    The APIs inside @types/web are generated from the specifications for CSS, HTML and JavaScript. Given the size and state of constant change in web browsers, @types/web only has APIs which have passed a certain level of standardization and are available in at least two of the most popular browser engines.

    @types/web is also included inside TypeScript, available as dom in the lib section and included in projects by default. By using @types/web you can lock your the web APIs used in your projects, easing the process of updating TypeScript and offering more control in your environment.


    With TypeScript 4.5+ using lib replacement, you can swap the DOM lib with this dependency:

    pnpm add @typescript/lib-dom@npm:@types/web --save-dev
    npm install @typescript/lib-dom@npm:@types/web --save-dev
    yarn add @typescript/lib-dom@npm:@types/web --dev

    That's all.

    TypeScript 4.4 and below
    To use `@types/web` you need to do two things:
    1. Install the dependency: npm install @types/web --save-dev, yarn add @types/web --dev or pnpm add @types/web --dev.

    2. Update your tsconfig.json. There are two cases to consider depending on if you have lib defined in your tsconfig.json or not.

      1. Without "lib" - You will need to add "lib": []. The value you want to add inside your lib should correlate to your "target". For example if you had "target": "es2017", then you would add "lib": ["es2017"]
      2. With "lib" - You should remove "dom".

    Removing "dom" gives @types/web the chance to provide the same set of global declarations. However, It's possible that your dependencies pull in the TypeScript DOM library, in which case you can either try to make that not happen, or use TypeScript 4.5 to systematically replace the library.


    This project does not respect semantic versioning as almost every change could potentially break a project, though we try to minimize removing types. @types/web follow the specifications, so when they mark a function/object/API/type as deprecated or removed - that is respected.

    TypeScript Version Support

    Prior to @types/web the web APIs were deployed with a version of TypeScript, and backwards compatibility has not been a concern. Now the web APIs and TypeScript can be de-coupled, then we expect to eventually hit a point where we take backwards compatibility in mind. For now, @types/web officially supports TypeScript 4.4 and above. It very likely will work with TypeScript versions much earlier that that however.

    Deploy Metadata

    You can read what changed in version 0.0.83 at https://github.com/microsoft/TypeScript-DOM-lib-generator/releases/tag/%40types%2Fweb%400.0.83.




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