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Tyler Icons

This library contains SVG icons converted to JavaScript modules (with TypeScript typings) to allow for distributing a tree-shakable icon library that can be imported into applications on a per-icon basis as needed.

Forge usage

This package only contains SVG icons that are distributed as importable JavaScript constants. It's expected that you will use these icons with the Forge <forge-icon> component to easily render them. This means you can define each component with the Forge icon registry to easily choose the icons that your application needs, the rest will be ignored and tree shaken away!

After installing the @tylertech/tyler-icons package into your project, you can then import and define the icons you want to use with the registry.

Important: the icons are separated out by the following directories in the package:

  • standard: The official Google Material icons.
  • extended: The community-based Material icons.
  • custom: Tyler-owned custom icons.

Be sure to import icons from the corresponding directory within the package. See the Forge icon library for help finding icons.

import { tylIconAccountCircle, tylIconFace } from '@tylertech/tyler-icons/standard';
import { tylIconAccountDetails } from '@tylertech/tyler-icons/extended';
import { tylIconActionLauncher } from '@tylertech/tyler-icons/custom';
import { IconRegistry } from '@tylertech/forge';


Now you can use this icon name with the <forge-icon> component:

<forge-icon name="face"></forge-icon>

You can also load icons dynamically (without registering them locally) by using the external CDN. Just set the external attribute to enable the component to make a request to the CDN to fetch the icon data dynamically (if not exists in the local registry):

<forge-icon name="face" external external-type="standard"></forge-icon>

Just be sure to specify the correct set name in the value of the external-type attribute. Valid values: "standard" (default), "extended", "custom".

A property by the name of externalUrlBuilder exists on the component which can be set to a callback that will be executed when the component is creating the URL to fetch the icon from. This gives you control over hosting the icons yourself elsewhere from the public CDN if desired.

Non-Forge usage

If you aren't using Forge, you will need to use a different means for rendering the icons from this package. Each icon is exported with its name and the SVG structure as a string. You can then use that SVG content to convert to HTML manually.

Missing an icon?

This is a Tyler-wide icon library, and we want to make sure we ease the lives of people using icons as well as share our icons in a common format. If there is an icon missing, please submit an issue to get it added. We have third-party icons as well as custom Tyler owned icons that are distributed through this library and we'd be happy to add any that are missing for your team!


To get started developing in this repository, follow these steps:

  1. Install dependencies: npm install
  2. Update any .svg in the svg directory (if applicable).
  3. Serve the demo site to test the icons: npm run serve
  4. To build the npm package, run the following: npm run build

Generating icon metadata

Icon metadata (JSON format) can also be generated from this repository:

npm run generate:metadata

This is included in the CDN as well as the npm package.


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