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Twinfinity client

With this package you can host the a bare bones Twinfinity BIM viewer/data source in a webpage. This makes it possible for an HTML app to programmatically:

  • Load BIM models from the Twinfinity BIM backend and visualize them in a 3D viewer.
  • Interact with the 3D viewer
  • Change BIM data visualization (colorizing, hiding)
  • Inspect entities in the BIM model (such as IFC object property sets, geometry etc)
  • Get BIM data from the Twinfinity backend.
  • The package is based on BabylonJS. This in turn makes it possible for your app to use a lot of the available functionality from BabylonJS as well. Such as adding custom 3D objects to the scene. Load formats such as .OBJ and .GLTF etc.

Continue reading about how to use the API here: {@link BimApi}

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