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    This plugin has been replaced by the 2021 version of Developer Mode. Try installing @twilio-labs/plugin-signal2021 instead


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    SIGNAL Developer Mode

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    SIGNAL Developer Mode is an augmentation for your experience at Twilio's SIGNAL 2020 Conference.

    It's built on top of the Twilio CLI and provides functionality inside your terminal such as:

    • augmented keynote experience: displaying useful resources, demos and closed-captions as you are watching the keynote
    • access to your full SIGNAL schedule: view the entire SIGNAL and SIGNAL TV schedule and register for any sessions you are interested in
    • a packed demo section: explore code samples for a variety of Twilio use-cases and get started in minutes
    • a hidden cheat mode: find the hidden cheat mode and use it during the keynote session
    • and more

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    You'll need the Twilio CLI to run SIGNAL Developer Mode. Head over to the Twilio CLI documentation to install it.

    Additionally, you'll need a ticket to SIGNAL 2020. Register for a free ticket on the SIGNAL website.

    Supported Terminals

    SIGNAL Developer Mode should work in any terminal but some terminals might have limited functionality or display flickering.

    Some of the terminals that we found that were doing a good job are: Hyper, the built-in macOS and cmder on Windows.

    For terminals that have known flickering issues we try to detect that and reduce the amount of animations and screen updates. For more info on this check out the Troubleshooting Guide.

    SIGNAL Developer Mode will also adapt based on the size of your terminal, however, the bigger your terminal window the better. Alternatively, you can change your terminal font size.


    $ twilio plugins:install @twilio-labs/plugin-signal2020
    $ twilio --help signal2020
      $ twilio signal2020

    You'll be prompted for your SIGNAL credentials that you also use to log into the SIGNAL 2020 website.

    If you don't want to enter your email and password every time, you can also store them as environment variables and pass them via the --email flags to twilio signal2020..


    SIGNAL Developer Mode relies on your keyboard for navigation. Check out the announcement blog post for a detaild walkthrough but here are some common controls:

    • Ctrl+C will always exit the application
    • Ctrl+B will toggle the sidebar
    • and can scroll through lists
    • , , Tab and Shift+Tab will cycle through different options
    • Return/Enter and Space can toggle actions
    • Ctrl+D exits the Installer and Cheat Mode
    • W, K, S, D, R let you switch between different modes (see sidebar inside the Developer Mode for more)


    twilio signal2020

      $ twilio signal2020
      -d, --diagnostics                Using this flag will output diagnostics information that will be useful when
                                       debugging issues.
      -l=(debug|info|warn|error|none)  [default: info] Level of logging messages.
      -o=(columns|json|tsv)            [default: columns] Format of command output.
      -p, --profile=profile            Shorthand identifier for your profile.
      --email=email                    The email you use to log into
      --feedback                       Learn how you can give feedback on SIGNAL Developer Mode.
      $ twilio signal


    This project welcomes contributions from the community. Please see the file for more details.

    Code of Conduct

    Please be aware that this project has a Code of Conduct. The tldr; is to just be excellent to each other ❤️





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