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Modus React Bootstrap

Modus React Bootstrap is a React-based component library extended from React Bootstrap developed as a common, open source platform for all of Trimble’s web applications built on React. The framework is designed and managed by the Trimble UX Council.


Modus React Bootstrap is built upon and extends the React Bootstrap v1.6.x code framework combined with the styles from Modus Bootstrap. You can use the Modus React Bootstrap CSS files as is, or integrate the Sass files into your own application if you wish to modify it further.

Install with npm

Install Modus React Bootstrap Framework in your Node.js powered apps with our npm package:

$ npm install @trimbleinc/modus-react-bootstrap

The components will be found in the ~/node_modules/@trimbleinc/modus-react-bootstrap/ directory. Above command will also install the dependencies needed for styles, ~/node_modules/@trimbleinc/modus-bootstrap/ and ~/node_modules/bootstrap/.


You can either import the compiled CSS files from ~/node_modules/@trimbleinc/modus-react-bootstrap/css/dist/ or use the Sass files found in ~/node_modules/@trimbleinc/modus-react-bootstrap/css/scss directory.

With Sass files, you can begin to modify any of the Sass variables and maps in your custom style sheet. The main file to focus on is the _light-theme.scss file (and/or _dark-theme.scss if you want a dark look).


Modus icons are required for some of the components like DataTable, FileUploadDropZone, TablePagination and TreeView. To use the icons, include the following:


Build Package

Yarn is the package manager, check out setup instructions here if you don't have it installed already. After that you can run yarn run bootstrap to install all the needed dependencies and build a local copy of the library with yarn run build.


See the contributing guidelines for how to propose bugfixes and improvements.

Update Documentation

The documentation site should always be in sync with the components, please refer to the contributing guidelines for any changes.

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