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Company Icons

Easily render Company icons in your React app. Either directly use an icon by importing it from the @trigger.dev/companyicons package or use the CompanyIcon component to render any icon by name.

This library was created for use in Trigger.dev to render Company icons.

Please note that the copyright and trademarks of all icons belong to their respective companies. Please use them responsibly and ensure you follow the terms of use of each company. We're not responsible for any misuse. You're on your own kids.


Install using your favorite package manager, e.g. npm:

npm install @trigger.dev/companyicons


Directly import a specific icon from the library and use them in your React components.

import React from "react";
import {
} from "@trigger.dev/companyicons";

function App() {
  return (
      {/* Style using classes, including Tailwind */}
      <AirtableIcon className="w-4 h-4" />
      {/* Or style */}
      <AsanaIcon style={{ width: "16px", height: "16px" }} />
      {/* Some icons have a "light" and "dark" variant, like GitHub */}
      <GitHubLightIcon className="w-4 h-4" />

export default App;

Or use the CompanyIcon component to render any icon by name. This allows you to render Company icons at runtime based on the name.

import React from "react";
import { CompanyIcon } from "@trigger.dev/companyicons";

function App() {
  return (
      <CompanyIcon name="airtable" className="w-4 h-4" />
      <CompanyIcon name="asana" style={{ width: "16px", height: "16px" }} />

      {/* GitHub has a light and dark variant.
       If unspecified you'll get the default (dark in this case) */}
      <CompanyIcon name="github" className="w-4 h-4" />
      {/* Or specify the variant */}
      <CompanyIcon name="github" className="w-4 h-4" variant="light" />
      <CompanyIcon name="github" className="w-4 h-4" variant="dark" />

      {/* Slack has no variants, so will ignore the variant you specify */}
      <CompanyIcon name="slack" className="w-4 h-4" variant="light" />


We welcome new icon contributions and fixes. Please follow the steps below to contribute.


  • Clone the repository to your local machine.
  • Install the dependencies using npm install.
  • View the components in the browser using npm run storybook.
  • Make your changes, and ensure that:
    • icons are inline svgs
    • icons have the width and height removed and have a valid viewBox
    • icons have a title element with the name of the icon
    • the icon fills the viewbox, but isn't stretched
    • all svg properties are camel case (no dashes). It should be fillRule not fill-rule.
    • there are no console errors in Storybook
  • Check your changes look correct in Storybook in your browser.
  • Create a pull request to the main repository with a good description.


The Trigger.dev team can publish new versions of the library. Please create a pull request with your changes and we'll publish a new version.

They will:

  1. Check any changes look good in Storybook.
  2. Bump the version number.
  3. Run npm i.
  4. Run npm publish to publish a new version.
  5. Push the modified package.json to the repository.


This library is licensed under the MIT License.


Trigger.dev is a background Jobs framework. It makes it easy to create long-running jobs directly in your codebase with features like Company integrations, webhooks, scheduling and delays.

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