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The core package provides the base functionality of the autocomplete component. It provides an instance to track the current state, and event handlers to respond to user input. It doesn't actually render anything to the DOM, so that it can remain flexible and be used in multiple platforms.

The best way to learn how to use the core package is to take a look at the source code of other components that provide a rendering layer on top of it, like the JavaScript component and the Vue component


Take a look at the documentation page, and the Codepen examples.


Install the component from npm.

npm install --save @trevoreyre/autocomplete

Or using yarn.

yarn add @trevoreyre/autocomplete

You can also use the browser bundle in a script tag.

<script src=""></script>


The core package provides a class instance to handle the internal state of the autocomplete component. The component can be tweaked using a number of constructor arguments.

const autocomplete = new Autocomplete(options)


Argument Type Description
search Function (required) The search funtion to be executed on user input. Can be a synchronous function or a Promise.
autoSelect Boolean Controls whether first result should be highlighted after input
setValue Function Sets the value of the calling component's input element
setAttribute Function Sets attributes on the calling component's input element
onUpdate Function Fired when the results list is updated. Receives results (Array), and selectedIndex (Number) as arguments.
onSubmit Function Fired when user submits result. Receives result as argument.
onShow Function Fired when the results list is shown
onHide Function Fired when the results list is hidden
onLoading Function Fired if search is a Promise and hasn't resolved yet
onLoaded Function Fired after asynchronous search function resolves

Event handlers

The core package provides a number of event handlers that can be wired up in the calling component.

Name Description
handleInput Handles the input element's input event
handleKeyDown Handles the input element's keydown event
handleBlur Handles the input element's blur event
handleResultMouseDown Handles the ul element's mousedown event
handleResultClick Handles the ul element's click event


npm i @trevoreyre/autocomplete

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