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Create and verify RS256 based JWT oauth-jwt-bearer client authentications.


npm install @trellisfw/signatures

Require Usage

var tSignature = require('@trellisfw/signatures');
const objToSign = {
  "hello": "world"
const key = require('./jwkprivatekey.json');

// Sign an object:
try {
  tSignature.sign(objToSign, key);
  // This mutates objToSign by adding a `signatures` key as an array.
  console.log('Successfully signed object.  Singed document = ', objToSign);
} catch(err ){
  console.log('Failed to sign object.  Error was: ", err);

// Verify the last (latest) signature in the signatures array on a signed object:
const signedObj = objToSign; // mutated above to add signatures key
try {
  const { trusted, valid, payload, unchanged, messages } = tSignature.validate(signedObj);
  console.log('Was signature signed by a trusted key: ', trusted);
  console.log('Was signature a valid JWT according to the key used to sign it: ', valid);
  console.log('Was the document changed since the signature was applied: ', unchanged);
  console.log('The payload of the signature was: ', payload);
  console.log('The library told us these things about the decoding process: ', messages);
} catch(err) {
  console.log('Signature verification failed.');


sign(jsonobject, key, headers)

Generate a signed jsonobject with the given headers and the client's private key. The sign function appends a Json Web Token (JWT) to the jsonobject's signatures key.


jsonobject {Object} Any JSON object, such as a food safety audit.

key {JWK} The key used to sign the audit, as a JWK.

headers {Object} The headers parameter is sent on to oada-certs to be used in the signature process. The typ and alg keys are retained if present. Note If there is a key id in the headers (headers.kid), and there is also a kid in the JWK passed as the signing key, the one in the headers will override the one in the key.


Determine if the last item in a jsonobject's signatures key is trusted, valid, and if the document itself is unchanged since the signature was applied.

Returns { trusted, valid, unchanged, payload, messages }

  • valid: true if signature is a valid JWT and a public key is available to check it against.
  • trusted: true if signature is valid and was signed with a JWK from the trusted list.
  • unchanged: true if the signature is valid and the payload hashes to the same value as the current document.
  • payload: the actual decoded payload of the signature.
  • messages: an array of debugging messages designed to help you figure out why the library has made the determinations that it returns.


  • jsonobject: an object with a signatures key that is an array with at least one JWT signature in it.
  • options: object with options to pass directly to oada-certs library.
    Please refer to the docuentation for oada-certs for details, but this can include things like alternate trusted lists, etc. Please note that this library will always pre-prend the main Trellis trusted list onto the front of any additional trusted lists that are passed in options.

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