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Trax is a reactive state management library that simplifies and optimizes the update flow of React or Preact applications. Its purpose is similar to solutions like redux, mobx or preact signals.

--> Live demos: 🚀 Todo MVC, Google Search Results

Key features:

  • unique ids: trax API design ensures that every trax object gets a unique id in order to support the best troubleshooting experience through the trax dev tools (under construction)
  • asynchronous by design: trax transformations (aka. compute processors) can run synchronous or asynchronous operations. Data updates are also propagated asynchronously in order to mutualize compute operations in case of consecutive changes.
  • event stream: all trax operations are systematically logged in an event stream in oder to ease troubleshooting and simplify test synchronization (stream events can be awaited in test scripts).
  • collections: support of complex reactive chains that involve computed collections (cf. examples)

API documentation

[Documentation under construction - please check trax todomvc implementation or other examples]

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