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Component Scaffold utility

This package provides a simple utility to speed up the creation of new templated files. It also helps to enforce consistency across ypur codebase by forcing developers to use the templated files that have been specified.


yarn add -D @transferwise/files-scaffold or npm install --save-dev @transferwise/files-scaffold


To use the scaffold utils in your project please add the following script to your package.json

"your-script-command-name": "files-scaffold"


In order to use files-scaffold command you need to specify a .scaffold-templates directory

In this directory you need to add your templates that files-scaffold is going to use to generate your files.

A template files is a js file that exports an object. Currently the template object supports the following properties

module.export {
    type: 'your',
    path: 'packages/components/src',
    ext: 'js',
    createDir: true,
    name: (name) => capitalizeFirstLetter(name),
    template: (name) => `import React from "react";
import Types from "prop-types";

Templates Properties

type description
type string Used mostly for the success message to identify the newly created files
path string Path relative to the package.json that contains your "your-script-command-name" Where your file is going to be created
ext string The extension to be used for your file
createDir bool This determines if the file has to be added as single file or it needs to be created inside a directory with the name decided in the prompt
name function The name of the file. This function accepts the name chosen in the prompt
template function The content of your file. This function accepts the name chosen in the prompt

When running your-script-command-name you'll be prompted to a series of questions on your CLI. Once everyhting has been answered your files will be created under following the path you specificed inside your templates.




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