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A Vue component that implements the WAI-ARIA authoring practices for a Combobox.


I am no regular screenreader user. I followed the authoring practices to the best of my understanding. If something seems off, please open an issue.

The current implementation only covers the List autocomplete with manual selection part of the authoring practices.


No rocket science here. Although rockets are cool, tbh. 🚀 Just install the component from npm.

npm install @tournant/combobox --save-dev

If you use Yarn:

yarn add -D @tournant/combobox

Once the component is installed you need to import wherever you want to use it.

import TournantCombobox from '@tournant/combobox'

Don’t forget to add it to the registered components (been there, done that):

components: {
  // ... all the other amazing components


You can find a live demo on @tournant/ui.code.ovl.design.



  • items: An array of items to be displayed. The items of the array must be objects that have a title and id property. If an empty array is passed, the message set in the noResultsMessage prop is shown. Defaults to an empty array.
  • inputLabel: The label text of the input. Required.
  • isStyled: Whether or not default styles should be applied. Defaults to false. See section Styles below.
  • noResultsMessage: Text that should be shown if no results can be passed. Required.

Emitted events

  • input: The component emits an input event if the value of the textbox changes. Please note that this is not debounced or throttled.
  • foundResult: keyup.enter or click on an item emit the ID of the result.


The combobox exposes the following CSS classes for its parts:

Classname Element
t-ui-combobox Root
t-ui-combobox__input Text field
t-ui-combobox__list List element
t-ui-combobox__list-item List items

By default no styles will be attached to these classes.

Setting the isStyled prop to true will enable some default styles. Those are scoped by adding the --is-styled modifier to the respective element. These styles add some little helpers (e.g. limiting the width, removing list styles, add position: absolute to the list) and some minor styling.

You can adapt spacing and color of the component by accessing the following Custom Properties (supporting browsers):

Property Default
--t-ui-cb-space 0.5rem
--t-ui-cb-clr-light rgb(206, 206, 206)
--t-ui-cb-clr-dark darkblue
--t-ui-cb-z-index 10

Bugs & Enhancements

If you found a bug, please create a bug ticket.

For enhancements please refer to the contributing guidelines.


This project is licensed under the MIT license.

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