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Tonpay JavaScript SDK

JavaScript SDK for Tonpay


npm install @tonpay/sdk

or with yarn

yarn add @tonpay/sdk

Full documentation

Full documentation for this SDK is available on GitBook.

Example usage

import { Tonpay } from "@tonpay/sdk";

// implement a Sender interface from 'ton' library or use @tonpay/react package for useSender() hook
// hint: you don't need sender if you don't plan to interact with the TON Blockchain (i.e. if you only want to generate payment links or fetch info)
const sender = buildSender();

// create Tonpay instance
const tonpay = Tonpay.create("testnet", sender);

// get your interactive store by address
const store = tonpay.getStore(

// get a payment link and provide it in any form (button, QR code) to the customer
const paymentLink = await store.getRequestPurchaseLink({
  invoiceId: "test_invoice_id",
  amount: 5
}, "tonkeeper");

// or initiate a purchase request and get the invoice address even before it's created on-chain
const invoice = await store.requestPurchase({
  invoiceId: "test_invoice_id",
  amount: 5 // TON

// now you can monitor invoice status manually
const isPaid = await invoice.isPaid();

// or redirect to hosted checkout page that'll display the payment state automatically

const hostedCheckoutUrl = `https://pay.thetonpay.app/i/${invoice.address}`;
window.location.href = hostedCheckoutUrl;

Demo store that uses this SDK can be found here.

Contact @Arterialist if you have questions and open issues on github, if there are any.

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