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React / Flux Boilerplate

A starting point for React / Flux projects, inspired by the flux examples.

Please note, this setup only provides a client-side implementation of react/flux. This is a very lightweight implementation that has suited my needs for small client-side projects. If you need a fuller feature set, or support for isomorphic apps then I would recommend redux or fluxible depending on your needs.

This boilerplate provides the following:

  • Default wiring for a store, actions and a dispatcher
  • Default components
  • Configured React-router
  • SCSS boilerplate, following BEM and ITCSS architecture
  • Gulp build scripts for HTML, SCSS and JS
  • Watchify configured for fast rebuilding of JS
  • Dev server with livereload

Getting started

Download or clone the repo and run npm install (you will also need gulp installed globally). To start the server with livereload just run gulp.

Available gulp tasks

  • gulp - default task sets environment to development, starts the dev server, compiles assets, and watches for changes
  • gulp build or gulp build:production - build only, with environment set to production
  • gulp faux-production - same as default task, but with the environment set to production
  • gulp build:development - build only, with environment set to development

See gulpfile.js for more detail on which sub-tasks each top level task is running.


Running gulp build will run all the build scripts and save the output to /dist. This entire folder can be deployed to your production server. These are static assets only, so they can be deployed to a static file server such as amazon s3, or github pages.




npm i @tomjamesallen/react-flux-boilerplate

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