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    A tiny Markov chain generator in JavaScript

    Easily create Markov models from a given set of observations to generate random sequences of other potential observations. Larger data sets can be pre-computed using the new transition generator.

    Marc supports both time-homogeneous and higher-order Markov chains.


    import Marc from 'marc';
    // Our observations consist of four sentences from a rando's Twitter account
    const observations = ['a sentence', 'another sentence', 'one more', 'and the last'];
    // Give Marc the observations and tell it our token delimiter (' ')
    const m = new Marc(observations, { delimiter: ' ', order: 1 });
    // Generate a probable observation
    const random = m.random();

    Run the example

    $> npm run example

    Pre Compute transitions (recommended for large data sets)

    With global install
    $> npm install -g @tmanderson/marc
    $> marc observations.json transitions.json
    From repo
    $> ./bin/index.js observations.json transitions.json

    The output transitions.json file can be used with Marc via setTransitions or when creating an instance.

      .then(res => res.json())
      .then(observations => {
        let marc = new Marc(observations, { delimiter: ' ', order: 0 }) // via constructor
        marc.setTransitions(observations); // or via transitions

    A few examples, some funny, others serious (from NYTimes homepage, 01-19-2018):

    • Cuomo Looks at The Bike That Could Cost $11.52
    • Vows: For Love of Oat Milk Merkel?
    • ICE Detained My Life
    • How the Worst Way to Help Travelers Choose Safe Destinations
    • Brand to Pretend They’re Homeless Pro-Life Movement Has Plenty
    • Why James Franco Could Cost $11.52
    • Timeline: How Congress Breaks Down the Collusion We Were Waiting For?
    • Military Shifts Focus to Trump’s Radical Honesty
    • Trump Administration on #MeToo Moment Shape the Bitcoin Bubble
    • Sundance Film Festival: 5 Movies to Thwart Federal Government


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