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Verify id-tokens as simply as possible.

This code verifies Firebase Auth id-tokens, so that Firebase Auth can be used with other platforms, such as Cloudflare Workers.

(Work with me to extend this library to other authentication providers. The goal is to keep the code as lean as possible by focusing on the single use case of verifying id-tokens from various authentication providers.)

An id-token is signed by the authentiation provider's private key. This code retrieves the corresponding public key with the following steps:

  1. Extract the key-id from the id-token,
  2. If the key is not cached, fetch the corresponding JWK key from the provider, (extract the public key from the certificate), cache the public key for next time,
  3. Verify the id-token using the public key and the built-in functions crypto.subtle.importKey() and crypto.subtle.verify().

This third-party library is designed to handle this single use case as simply and efficiently as possible.


import {verifyIdToken} from 'verify-id-token';
const payload = verifyIdToken(idToken, projectId);

If idToken verifies successfully, then payload will contain the user metadata (displayName, email, etc.). If verification fails, an error will be thrown. The idToken is validated before being verified. If the token is expired, in the wrong format, or for the wrong project, an error will be thrown.


The following code demonstrates using Firebase Auth user.getIdToken() to get the id-token and then verify it. This code is for demonstration purposes only. In practice, the id-token would be sent to the API, where the API would verify the id-token, and thus know that the user is who they claim to be.

firebase.auth().onAuthStateChanged(async user => {
    if (user) {
        user.getIdToken(/* forceRefresh */ true)
        .then(async token => {
            const payload = await verifyIdToken(token, 'tulip-62cb1');

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