Newton's Programmatic Measurements


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    TIBCO Cloud™ Composer - Component Schematics

    drawingPowered by TIBCO Labs™

    Component Schematics, will generate code in order for you to customize apps.

    Create your first TIBCO Cloud™ App

    To create your first app, simply run:

    tcli new 

    Note: if you don't have tcli run:

    npm install -g gulp-cli gulp @tibco-tcstk/cloud-cli

    Create your own component

    Simply type:

    tcli schematic-add

    And choose the schematic to use.

    Or use one of these commands

    ng generate @tibco-tcstk/component-template:case-cockpit CustomCaseCockpit
    ng generate @tibco-tcstk/component-template:home-cockpit CustomHomeCockpit
    ng generate @tibco-tcstk/component-template:custom-form-creator CustomFormCreator
    ng generate @tibco-tcstk/component-template:custom-form-action CustomFormAction
    ng generate @tibco-tcstk/component-template:custom-form-casedata CustomFormCaseData
    ng generate @tibco-tcstk/component-template:analytics-cockpit CustomAnalyticsCockpit
    ng generate @tibco-tcstk/component-template:spotfire-component-basic CustomSpotfireComponent
    ng generate @tibco-tcstk/component-template:spotfire-component-config CustomSpotfireComponentWithConfig

    You can change the entries starting with custom into any name you like.

    Custom Home or Case Cockpit

    After you install a custom case cockpit, edit the home.component.html or case.component.html file to use your own custom component. (See the instructions in the file)

    ##Form Reference For the custom forms you will have to enter an Form Reference(ID): You can get the form reference by running the generated form in case manager and looking at the console log. You will see entries like this:

    (filter for *** Forms:)\n * *** Forms: > Using auto-rendered form (formRef): SampleApp.SampleApp.creator.Create SampleApp,

    Part of TIBCO Cloud Composer



    Copyright © 2021. TIBCO Software Inc. This file is subject to the license terms contained in the license file that is distributed with this file.

    Please see 'TIB_cloud-composer_x.x.x_license'.pdf/.txt for details of license and dependent third party components referenced by this library.


    npm i @tibco-tcstk/component-template

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