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THX Network JavaScript SDK

This SDK contains a client class that simplifies interactions with THX Network API's. Configure your digital assets in your dashboard and use the SDK to integrate distribution of those assets into your application.


  1. Sign up for an account
  2. Create a digital asset
  3. Deploy a pool
  4. Create API credentials

Grant Types

The OAuth2 server exposes two authorization variants:

Grant: Authorization Code

Meant for user authentication in a browser application. Upon signin a popup will be shown where the user will be able to authenticate before being redirected to your application and obtain a valid session.

Grant: Client Credentials

Meant for machine to machine authentication in a server-side application.

Usage Widget (browser)

You can inject the loyalty widget with a script tag where 639b277c3659345dda9facca is the ID of your loyalty pool.

<script src="https://api.thx.network/v1/widget/POOL_ID.js"></script>

You can also use the THXWidget class from the SDK to load the widget on your page.

import { THXWidget } from '@thxnetwork/sdk';

const thxWidget = new THXWidget({
    poolId: 'POOL_ID',

Usage SDK (browser)

Sign in and list the tokens owned by this account.

import { THXWidget } from '@thxnetwork/sdk';

const thx = new THXClient({
    clientId: 'CLIENT_ID',
    clientSecret: 'CLIENT_SECRET',
    redirectUrl: 'https://localhost:8080',
    scopes: 'openid account:read erc20:read erc721:read',

await thx.userManager.cached.signinPopup();

const tokens = await client.erc20.list();

Usage SDK (server)

Transfer tokens from your pool to another account.

import { THXWidget } from '@thxnetwork/sdk';

const thx = new THXClient({
    clientId: 'CLIENT_ID',
    clientSecret: 'CLIENT_SECRET',
    scopes: 'openid withdrawals:read withdrawals:write',

const withdrawal = await client.withdrawals.post({
    amount: '100000000',
    account: '0xf4b70b3931166B422bBC772a2EafcE8BD5A017F9',




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