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    The package providing support for OpenAPI instance generation (output as json or yaml), using a Thing Description as input.


    • OAP: OpenAPI
    • TD: Thing Description


    • Semantics
      • Some semantic annotations of the TD are converted to custom fields (prefixed by x-) in the openAPI output (e.g. @context -> x-@context) to provide a user who inspects the instance additional information.
      • Most semantic information is lost by converting a TD to an openAPI instance, since converting it is not possible or does not make any sense because no consumer of an openAPI isntance uses it.
    • Security
      • The openAPI specification does not support http authentification outside the header (query, body, cookie)
      • The TD specification does not support openIdConnect authentification
      • Information that is not required to describe an oauth flow in a TD is required for an openAPI instance (e.g. token url)
      • OAP supports alternative (only one has to be fullfilled) security objects, which can contain more than one security scheme (per object all security schemes have to be fullfilled). A TD also supports one security object with multiple schemes, but not alternative objects.
      • The psk (pre shared key) security scheme of a TD can not be represented by an openAPI instance.
    • Async Operations
      • Events of a TD, which are by nature asynchronous, can only be represented in OAP using the http-longpoll subprotocol.
      • For the future the support of asyncAPI instance generation is planned.


    • A TD hasn't necessarily to be valid in order to be converted to an openAPI instance. This converter will only throw an Error if the invalid part has a strong effect on the conversion result, but tries to ignore the most cases. This is by purpose, since there is the possibility to validate a TD using, e.g., the playground core package and the conversion of experimental TDs for example to create new TD features, should be supported.


    You can use this package to integrate OpenAPI instance generation from a TD in your application.

    • Install this package via NPM (npm install @thing-description-playground/td_to_openapi) (or clone repo and install the package with npm install)

    • Node.js or Browser import:

      • Node.js: Require the package and use the functions
      const tdToOpenAPI = require("@thing-description-playground/td_to_openapi")
      • Browser: Import the tdToOpenAPI object as a global by adding a script tag to your html.
      <script src="./node_modules/@thing-description-playground/td_to_openapi/dist/web-bundle.min.js"></script>
    • Now you can convert a TD to an OpenAPI instance.

      tdToOpenAPI(td).then( OpenAPI => {
        console.log(JSON.stringify(OpenAPI.json, undefined, 2))

      You can find usage examples in the tests folder, or the web and cli packages.


    Licensed under the MIT license, see License.




    npm i @thing-description-playground/td_to_openapi

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