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Bootstrap 5 components built with React.

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See the documentation with live editable examples and API documentation.

To find the documentation for the latest Bootstrap 4 compatible release, go here and for Bootstrap 3 go here.

Migrating from Bootstrap 3 to Bootstrap 4

If you would like to update React-Bootstrap within an existing project to use Bootstrap 4, please read our docs for migrating to React-Bootstrap V1.

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Local setup

Yarn is our package manager of choice here. Check out setup instructions here if you don't have it installed already. After that you can run yarn run bootstrap to install all the needed dependencies.

From there you can:

  • Run the tests once with yarn test (Or run them in watch mode with yarn run tdd).
  • Start a local copy of the docs site with yarn start
  • Or build a local copy of the library with yarn run build

CodeSandbox Examples

Click here to explore some React-Bootstrap CodeSandbox examples.

Click here to automatically open CodeSandbox with the React-Bootstrap CodeSandbox Examples GitHub Repository as a workspace.


Yes please! See the contributing guidelines for details.

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