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    DebugService is used to initialize a new DebugSession. This service provides functionality to configure and to start a new debug session. The workflow is the following. If user wants to debug an application and there is no debug configuration associated with the application then the list of available debuggers is requested to create a suitable debug configuration. When configuration is chosen it is possible to alter the configuration by filling in missing values or by adding/changing/removing attributes.

    In most cases the default behavior of the DebugSession is enough. But it is possible to provide its own implementation. The DebugSessionFactory is used for this purpose via DebugSessionContribution. Documented model objects are located here

    Debug Session life-cycle API

    DebugSession life-cycle is controlled and can be tracked as follows:

    • An onDidPreCreateDebugSession event indicates that a debug session is going to be created.
    • An onDidCreateDebugSession event indicates that a debug session has been created.
    • An onDidDestroyDebugSession event indicates that a debug session has terminated.
    • An onDidChangeActiveDebugSession event indicates that an active debug session has been changed

    Breakpoints API

    ExtDebugProtocol.AggregatedBreakpoint is used to handle breakpoints on the client side. It covers all three breakpoint types: DebugProtocol.SourceBreakpoint, DebugProtocol.FunctionBreakpoint and ExtDebugProtocol.ExceptionBreakpoint. It is possible to identify a breakpoint type with help of DebugUtils. Notification about added, removed, or changed breakpoints is received via onDidChangeBreakpoints.

    Server side

    At the back-end we start a debug adapter using DebugAdapterFactory and then a DebugAdapterSession is instantiated which works as a proxy between client and debug adapter. If a default implementation of the debug adapter session does not fit needs, it is possible to provide its own implementation using DebugAdapterSessionFactory. If so, it is recommended to extend the default implementation of the DebugAdapterSession. Documented model objects are located here

    DebugSessionState accumulates debug adapter events and is used to restore debug session on the client side when page is refreshed.

    How to contribute a new debugger

    DebugAdapterContribution is a contribution point for all debug adapters to provide and resolve debug configuration.

    Additional Information

    Debug adapter implementations for VS Code



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