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    TerminalCLI - Ethereum Developer Portal

    Terminal is an developers platform for builing on Ethereum. Develop, test, and manage Ethereum artifacts and infrastructure in a unified workspace with Terminal. The Terminal toolkit provides developers with a broad range of utilities to construct robust and user-friendly decentralized applications or dapps.

    TerminalCLI is a development framework which allows you to utilize an array of powerful ethereum development tools for builiding dapps and smartcontracts - all from your command prompt. It provides a fast and concise command line interface to your Terminal workspace. Some actions on Terminal, such as generating ganache instances or batch uploading smart contracts can be overly tedious and lack customization on the Terminal web interface. TerminalCLI is designed to improve your workflow so you can quickly bootsrap your workspace and focus on working with the keynote features of the platform.

    -Bulk upload contracts to Terminal.
    -Control the project and folder hierarchy of your Terminal workspace
    -Link and deploy ganache recipes as hosted or local ganache instances
    -Fetch logs for any object across your Workspaces.
    -Deploy contracts and verify source code automatically


    Install the TerminalCLI by using on of the following commands:


    $ npm install -g @terminal-packages/cli


    $ yarn global add @terminal-packages/cli

    Now that you've installed the cli, you will need to signup for a Terminal account. You can make an account by going to and clicking 'signup'. For more info getting your TerminalCLI set up check out the docs on our webpage.


    Just type hex on the command line and the CLI usage will appear:

    Usage: hex [options] [command]
      -V, --version  output the version number
      -h, --help     output usage information
      config         Show configuration
      contracts      Contract CLI commands
      projects       Projects CLI commands
      ganache        Create, delete and get info for ganache instances
      login          Login to your terminal account
      logs           Get logs for your terminal account
      logout         Logout of the CLI
      teams          Teams information
      whoami         Show profile details of the logged in user
      help [cmd]     Display help for [cmd]


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    Terminal Developer docs

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