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This package has been deprecated

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This package has been deprecated. Please use @progress/kendo-theme-bootstrap instead.


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Bootstrap v4 Integration for Kendo UI Widgets

TLDR: Theme Kendo UI widgets based on Bootstrap.

Longer version: The project aims to provide a Bootstrap theme for the Kendo UI widgets, which uses the same variables as Bootstrap to achieve mostly the same appearance and size.


Install the build dependencies via npm install. Run npm run build to build the css.


All variable handling happens in _bootstrap-map.scss and it loads Bootstrap variables from the default location, e.g. node_modules/bootstrap/scss/_variables.scss.

If you have a customized version of Bootstrap, you need to specify the location in _bootstrap-map.scss. Then, build as usual.


Since Bootstrap is loaded as an npm module pointing directly to the v4 branch, it's not impossible for something to break after update.

If it's a mapped variable, you can patch it directly in _bootstrap-map.scss. If it's an explicit variable, you need to patch all files.

In any case, you can open an issue.

Under the Hood

To ensure some sort of compatibility, Bootstrap variables are mapped locally. Further more, this enables us to use an ad-hoc micro framework based on primitive widgets, e.g. button, input, node etc.

Not all variables are mapped though. Some, like $tooltip-arrow-width, used in the tooltip, are referenced explictly, because they don't fit within the aforementioned framework.


npm i @telerik/kendo-theme-bootstrap

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