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React Responsive Carousel

Help wanted

Things here are running very slowly as I have a lot of other stuff to take care at the moment so please don't be upset if I don't answer your question or if a PR sits unreviewed for a few days or weeks. Anyone interested in helping it move faster can help by submitting or reviewing PR's and answering each other's questions. (


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Powerful, lightweight and fully customizable carousel component for React apps.


  • Responsive
  • Mobile friendly
  • Swipe to slide
  • Mouse emulating touch
  • Server side rendering
  • Keyboard navigation
  • Custom animation duration
  • Auto play
  • Custom auto play interval
  • Infinite loop
  • Horizontal or Vertical directions
  • Supports images, videos, text content or anything you want. Each direct child represents one slide!
  • Supports any flux library (use selectedItem prop to set from the app state, and onChange callback to get the new position)
  • Show/hide anything (thumbs, indicators, arrows, status)

Important links:


Check it out these cool demos created using storybook. The source code for each example is available here

Customize it yourself:

Installing as a package

yarn add react-responsive-carousel


import React, { Component } from 'react';
import ReactDOM from 'react-dom';
import "react-responsive-carousel/lib/styles/carousel.min.css";
import { Carousel } from 'react-responsive-carousel';
class DemoCarousel extends Component {
    render() {
        return (
                    <img src="assets/1.jpeg" />
                    <p className="legend">Legend 1</p>
                    <img src="assets/2.jpeg" />
                    <p className="legend">Legend 2</p>
                    <img src="assets/3.jpeg" />
                    <p className="legend">Legend 3</p>
ReactDOM.render(<DemoCarousel />, document.querySelector('.demo-carousel'));
// Don't forget to include the css in your page
// Using webpack
// import styles from 'react-responsive-carousel/lib/styles/carousel.min.css';
// Using html tag:
// <link rel="stylesheet" href="<NODE_MODULES_FOLDER>/react-responsive-carousel/lib/styles/carousel.min.css"/>
Attributes Type Default Description
showArrows boolean true show prev and next arrows
showStatus boolean true show index of the current item. i.e: (1/8)
showIndicators boolean true show little dots at the bottom with links for changing the item
showThumbs boolean true show thumbnails of the images
thumbWidth number undefined optionally specify pixel width (as an integer) of a thumbnail (including any padding) to avoid calculating values (helps with server-side renders or page cache issues)
infiniteLoop boolean false infinite loop sliding
selectedItem number 0 selects an item though props / defines the initial selected item
axis string horizontal changes orientation - accepts horizontal and vertical
verticalSwipe string standard changes vertical swipe scroll direction - accepts standard and natural
onChange function - Fired when changing positions
onClickItem function - Fired when an item is clicked
onClickThumb function - Fired when a thumb it clicked
width string - Allows to set a fixed width
useKeyboardArrows boolean false Adds support to next and prev through keyboard arrows
autoPlay boolean false Auto play
stopOnHover boolean true Stop auto play while mouse is over the carousel
interval number 3000 Interval of auto play
transitionTime number 350 Duration of slide transitions (in miliseconds)
swipeScrollTolerance number 5 Allows scroll when the swipe movement occurs in a different direction than the carousel axis and within the tolerance - Increase for loose - Decrease for strict
swipeable boolean true Enables swiping gestures
dynamicHeight boolean false Adjusts the carousel height if required. -- Do not work with vertical axis --
emulateTouch boolean false Allows mouse to simulate swipe
statusFormatter func (current, total) => ${current} of ${total} Allows custom formatting of the status indicator
centerMode boolean false Enables centered view with partial prev/next slides. Only works with horizontal axis.
centerSlidePercentage number 80 optionally specify percentage width (as an integer) of the slides in centerMode
labels object [key: string]: string { leftArrow, rightArrow, item } optionally specify labels to be applied to controls
onSwipeStart function - Fired when a swiping gesture has started
onSwipeEnd function - Fired when a swiping gesture has ended
onSwipeMove function - Fired when a swiping gesture is happening
renderArrowPrev (onClickHandler: () => void, hasPrev: boolean, label: string): React.ReactNode default arrow Allows replacement of arrow button previous.
renderArrowNext (onClickHandler: () => void, hasNext: boolean, label: string): React.ReactNode default arrow Allows replacement of arrow button next.
renderIndicator (onClickHandler: () => void, isSelected: boolean, index: number, label: string): React.ReactNode default indicator Allows replacement of default indicators
renderItem (item: React.ReactNode, props: {isSelected: boolean}): React.ReactNode item Allows consumers to intercept the item before rendering for manipulating as needed
renderThumbs (children: React.ReactChildren): React.ReactChildren children Allows consumers to intercept the children before they are rendered as thumbs, giving the chance to handle them. Useful for finding thumbnails for videos for instance



The contributing guide contains details on how to create pull requests and setup your dev environment. Please read it before contributing!


Raising issues

When raising an issue, please add as much details as possible. Screenshots, video recordings, or anything else that can make it easier to reproduce the bug you are reporting.

  • A new option is to create an example with the code that causes the bug. Fork this example from codesandbox and add your code there. Don't forget to fork, save and add the link for the example to the issue.



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