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Vue Dropdown Directive

Table of contents

  1. Installation
  2. Basic usage
  3. Modifiers
  4. Parameters
  5. Behaviour
  6. Methods


$ npm install @teamwork/vue-dropdown-directive

Basic usage

<button v-dropdown-directive="{ id: 'unique-dropdown-id' }">Show list</button>
<custom-dropdown dropdown-id="unique-dropdown-id">
  <!-- CONTENT -->
import DropdownDirective from '@teamwork/vue-dropdown-directive';

const directives = {

const ExamplePage = {

export default ExamplePage;


.bottom and .center are applied by default. If only one modifier is specified, .center is applied by default.

The first modifier refers to the position where the dropdown is placed:

  • .bottom
  • .left
  • .right
  • .top

The second modifier refers to the alignment of the dropdown with the trigger element:

  • .bottom and .top positions can have .left | .center | .right
  • .right and .left positions can have .top | .center | .bottom
<button v-dropdown-directive.top.left="{ id: 'unique-dropdown-id' }">Show list</button>
<custom-dropdown dropdown-id="unique-dropdown-id">
  <!-- CONTENT -->


  • id (required) is the unique id that must be assigned to the trigger element which links it to the dropdown element.
  • modifiers contains the position and alignment, it is generally used to programmatically override the native modifiers.
  right: true,
  center: true,
  • scrollableContentClassName (suggested) is the class assigned to the wrapper element containing the main content within the dropdown, read here for more info on how it is used and why it would be better to set this.
<button v-dropdown-directive.top.left="{
  id: 'unique-dropdown-id',
  scrollableContentClassName: 'dropdown-list',
  Show list
<custom-dropdown dropdown-id="unique-dropdown-id">
    <li>User 1</li>
    <li>User 2</li>
    <li>User 3</li>
  • otherScrollableContentClassNames is the list of class names within the dropdown that are allowed to scroll.
  • isReady is a boolean used to hold the directive hook inserted until the consumer is ready, the default is set to true.
  • arrow is a boolean used to show/hide the arrow between the trigger and the dropdown, the default is set to false.
  • arrowColor contains an hexadecimal used to set the color of the arrow next to the dropdown, the default is set to #fff.
  • zIndex is a number that specifies that stack order of the dropdown and its arrow, the default is set to 9999.
  • offsetFromTrigger is a number that specifies the distance in pixels from where the dropdown is going to be rendered, the default is set to 0.
  • onOpen is a function that runs at the opening of the dropdown.
  • onClose is a function that runs on closing of the dropdown.
  • keepOtherDropdownsOpen is a boolean that keeps the other dropdowns within the viewport opened when the trigger element action happens, the default is set false.
  • keepDropdownsOpenOnUIEvent is a boolean that keeps every dropdown within the viewport opened if a scroll or resize event has been triggered, the default is set true.
  • openOnlyProgrammatically is a boolean used to disable the trigger element action that opens the dropdown. If set to true, the dropdown can be opened only programmatically.
  • allowTopCollocation is a boolean used to enable/disable the top position, the default is set to true.
  • allowBottomCollocation is a boolean used to enable/disable the bottom position, the default is set to true.
  • allowLeftCollocation is a boolean used to enable/disable the left position, the default is set to true.
  • allowRightCollocation is a boolean used to enable/disable the right position, the default is set to true.


Most of the time the dropdown is opened at the position set. However, there might be some scenarios where the space available within the viewport is simply not enough. So, the directive runs automatically a simulation, either to find the area within the viewport with the most available space or if an overflow to the content of the dropdown could be applied. In order to prioritize the overflow of the content, the scrollableContentClassName parameter must be set. Instead, allowTopCollocation, allowBottomCollocation, allowLeftCollocation or allowRightCollocation parameters are used to restrict the positions to look for finding the areas with the most available space. In order to ensure the dropdown is always placed next to the trigger element, the directive hides and re-paints it every time a scroll or a resize of the viewport happens.


  • open() is used to open the dropdown.
  • close() is used to close the dropdown.
  • closeOthers() is used to close every dropdown within the viewport except the current one.
  • closeAll() is used to close every dropdown within the viewport.
  • recalculatePosition() is used to re-calculate the position of the dropdown within the viewport.
  • isOpen() is used to check if the current dropdown is showing.

This is an example of how the methods above can be executed:

updateDropdownPosition() {
<button v-dropdown-directive="{ id: 'unique-dropdown-id' }">Show list</button>
  <!-- CONTENT -->

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