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A CLI tool for building React & React-native applications.

Maintenance PRs Welcome

This CLI

  • installs a new react or react-native project
  • sets up a basic folder structure (of your choice)
  • add commonly used packages
  • give command to easely create state, components & other functions
  • writes documentation for proposed structures & packages


npm install -g @team-octoo/planter


After installing this package globally, there are 2 important commands.
(but there are much more, run planter -h to see all)

planter init
This command creates a React or React-Native project.
React uses the latest Vite react-ts template.
React-Native is the latest RN template without expo.

planter install
This command will read the planter config json file in the directory and install everything accordingly.


Run command "planter -h" in your command-line terminal.


This package has been created by the lovely people at Octoo

Found a bug or want to extend this package?

  • Create an issue on Github
  • Or even better, change the code and submit a pull request and we'll have a look asap.

Available choices & packages

When initialising planter on a new or existing project, these are the choices to be made.

Component structure

  • BEP (Basics, Elements, Pages)
  • Atomic components
  • Custom (Define your own folder structure in planter.config.json)


  • css
  • css-modules
  • scss
  • scss-modules
  • styled-components
  • custom (self install)


  • Error-boundary
  • Mock service worker
  • React-router
  • Wouter
  • Patch-package
  • Redux
  • Zustand
  • i18next
  • Axios
  • Cypress
  • Prop-types


Planter cli has a config file named ./planter.config.json.
We recommend starting from an existing planter config file to customise it.

Key Description Type
version Version of the planter cli number
name Name of the application string
library Type of react library 'react' | 'react-native'
installer npm or yarn 'npm' | 'yarn'
hasTs Wether or not typescript is used boolean
layout Type of stylesheets 'css' | 'css modules' | 'sass' | 'sass modules'
packages Installed packages (asked on init) string[]
components Defines options for plant:component command (subfolders are possible) object
structure Type of component structure 'BEP (recommended)' | 'Atomic' | 'Custom'
usePropTypes Older way of using prop types without typescript boolean

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