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Common Utilities

Functions shared between both deno and node runtime


Pipe It combines n functions, calling each function with the output of the last one.

Encode Take a string to be encoded and return a Uint8Array.

Noop A helper function to return void in pipe.

Format functions Format msg in a standardized way that can be output to the console. E.g., formatMsg might return a msg that is using escape sequences to indicate that the color should be white.

Output functions Writes an encoded msg (Uint8Array) to a writer, such as stdout or stderr. E.g. outputMsg() would accept a encoded msg as an argument, and write it to a Writer.

Render functions Formats a msg using a format function, and outputs the msg using an output function. E.g. renderMsg() would accept a msg of an unknown type, format it using the given formatter, and output it using the given outputter.

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