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    The tree map control provides a simple and effective way to visualize flat or hierarchical data as clustered rectangles with a specific, weighted attribute determining the size of each rectangle.

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    TreeMap is part of Syncfusion Essential JS 2 commercial program. License is available in two models Community and Paid. Please refer the license file for more information. License can be obtained by registering at


    To install TreeMap and its dependent packages, use the following command

    npm install @syncfusion/ej2-treemap


    Supported Frameworks

    TreeMap component is also offered in following list of frameworks.

    1. Angular
    2. React
    3. Vue.js
    4. ASP.NET Core
    5. ASP.NET MVC
    6. JavaScript (ES5)

    Use case samples

    Key Features

    • Data sources - Binds the tree map component with an array of JSON objects or DataManager. Both the heirarcical and flat collection data sources are supported.
    • Levels - Renders with any number of levels and items.
    • Layout - Supports four types of layouts: square, horizontal, vertical, and auto.
    • Drill-down - Provides drill-down option to have a closer look at the lower level of a hierarchy.
    • Data label - Provides additional information about the nodes.
    • Label template - Uses any custom HTML element as data label for each node.
    • Color mapping - Applies colors to the nodes based on various conditions. Tree map supports three types of color mapping: range, equal, and desaturation.
    • Legend - Denotes the color mapping categories.
    • Selection and Highlight - Supports selecting or highlighting the nodes to bring center of attraction.
    • Tooltip - Provides additonal information about the nodes on mouse hover.
    • Print and Export - Provides options to print and export the rendered tree map for future use.


    Product support is available for through following mediums.


    Check the license detail here.


    Check the changelog here

    © Copyright 2022 Syncfusion, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Syncfusion Essential Studio license and copyright applies to this distribution.


    npm i @syncfusion/ej2-react-treemap

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