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React Inputs Components

A package of React Inputs components. It comes with a collection of form components which is useful to get different input values from the users such as text, numbers, patterns, color and file inputs.

What's Included in the React Inputs Package

The React Inputs package includes the following list of components.

React ColorPicker

The React ColorPicker component is a user interface that is used to select and adjust color values.

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React ColorPicker Component

Key features

  • Color specification - Supports Red Green Blue, Hue Saturation Value and Hex codes.
  • Mode - Supports Picker and Palette mode.
  • Inline - Supports inline type rendering of color picker.
  • Custom palettes - Allows to customize palettes and supports multiple palette groups rendering.
  • Opacity - Allows to set and change the opacity of the selected color.
  • Accessibility - Built-in accessibility features to access color picker using the keyboard, screen readers, or other assistive technology devices.

React TextBox

The React TextBox component is an extended version of the HTML input control which is used to edit or display text input on a form.

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React TextBox Component

Key features

  • Floating label – Floats the placeholder text while focus.
  • Input group – Group the icons, buttons along with textbox.
  • Validation states – Provides styles for success, error, and warning states.
  • Multiline – Handles multiline input with placeholder text.

React MaskedTextBox

The React MaskedTextBox component allows the user to enter the valid input only based on the provided mask.

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React MaskedTextBox Component

Key features

  • Custom Characters - Allows you to use your own characters as the mask elements.
  • Regular expression - Can be used as a mask element for each character of the MaskedTextBox.
  • Accessibility - Provides built-in accessibility support which helps to access all the MaskedTextBox component features through keyboard, on-screen readers, or other assistive technology devices.

React NumericTextBox

The React NumericTextBox component is used to get the number inputs from the user. The input values can be incremented or decremented by a predefined step value.

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React NumericTextBox Component

Key features

  • Range validation - Allows to set the minimum and maximum range of values in the NumericTextBox.
  • Number formats - Supports the number display formatting with MSDN standard and custom number formats.
  • Precision Of numbers - Allows to restrict the number precision when enters the value.
  • Keyboard interaction - Allows users to interact with the NumericTextBox using the keyboard.
  • Accessibility - Provides built-in accessibility support which helps to access all the NumericTextBox component features through keyboard, on-screen readers or other assistive technology devices.
  • Internationalization - Library provides support for formatting and parsing number using the official Unicode CLDR JSON data.
  • Localization - Supports to localize spin up and down buttons title for the tooltip to different cultures.

React Signature

The React Signature component allows user to draw smooth signatures as vector outline of strokes using variable width bezier curve interpolation. It allows to save signature as image.

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React Signature Component

Key features

  • Customization - Support various customization options like background color, background image, stroke color, stroke width, save with background, undo, redo, clear, readonly, and disabled.
  • Save - Support to save the signature as image like PNG, JPEG, and SVG.
  • Load - Support to load the signature as base64 url of the image.
  • Draw - Support to draw the text with the different font family and font size.

React Slider

The React Slider component allows you to select a value or range of values between the min and max range.

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React Slider Component

Key features

  • Types - Provided three types of Slider.
  • Orientation - Displays the Slider in horizontal or vertical direction.
  • Buttons - Provided built-in support to render the buttons in both edges of the Slider.
  • Tooltip - Displays a tooltip to show the currently selected value.
  • Ticks - Displays a scale with small and big ticks.
  • Format - Customize the slider values into various format.
  • Limits - Slider thumb movement restriction enabled with interval dragging in range-slider.
  • Accessibility - Built-in compliance with the WAI-ARIA specifications.
  • Keyboard interaction - The Slider can be intractable through the keyboard.

React File Upload

The React File Upload component is an extended version of the HTML5 upload control which is used to upload images, documents, and other files to a server.

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React FileUpload Component

Key features

  • Chunk upload – Used to upload large files as chunks
  • Drag and drop – Drag the files and drop into component to upload them.
  • Template – The file list and buttons can be customize using template
  • Validation – Validate extension and size of upload file
  • Auto upload – Process the file to upload without interaction.
  • Preload files – View and manipulate previously uploaded files.

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To install inputs and its dependent packages, use the following command.

npm install @syncfusion/ej2-react-inputs

Supported frameworks

Input components are also offered in following list of frameworks.




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