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    Locale translations for Essential JS 2 components in multiple languages.

    Currently supported localization languages

    Culture-Code Language
    ar-AE Arabic - United Arab Emirates
    ar Arabic - Arabia
    cs Czech - Czech Republic
    da Danish - Denmark
    de German - Germany
    en-GB English - United Kingdom
    en-US English - United States
    es Spanish - Spain
    fa Farsi - Iran
    fi Finnish - Finland
    fr French - France
    he Hebrew - Israel
    hr Croatian - Croatia
    hu Hungarian - Hungary
    id Indonesian
    is Icelandic - Iceland
    it Italian - Italy
    ja Japanese - Japan
    ko Korean - Korea
    ms Malay - Malaysia
    nb Norwegian (Bokmål) - Norway
    nl Dutch - The Netherlands
    pl Polish - Poland
    pt Portuguese - Portugal
    ro Romanian - Romania
    ru Russian - Russia
    sk Slovak - Slovakia
    sv Swedish - Sweden
    th Thai - Thailand
    tr Turkish - Turkey
    vi Vietnamese - Vietnam
    zh Chinese - China

    How to load locale text for Essential JS 2 components

    To load translation object in Essential JS 2 components, you can load locale object in L10.load function from ej.base. For example, In the below code snippet we have loaded the locale file for Arabic culture.

    var ajax = new ej.base.Ajax('/src/ar-AE.json', 'GET', true);
    ajax.onSuccess = function (value) {
            //Assigning locale text value for Essential JS 2 components

    How to load locale globally in typescript

    Importing from json files with typescript you first need to enable the resolveJsonModule flag. Either by adding it to your tsconfig.json or directly as argument to the compiler.
    It is important to use a plain object! Passing EJ2_LOCALE directly will not work for the L10n.load() method.

    import * as EJ2_LOCALE from "../../node_modules/@syncfusion/ej2-locale/src/de.json";
    L10n.load({ de: EJ2_LOCALE.de });


    npm i @syncfusion/ej2-locale

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