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    JavaScript Barcode Generator Control

    The JavaScript Barcode (QR Code) Generator Control is a light-weight and high-performance control that displays industry-standard 1D and 2D barcodes in JavaScript applications. Generated barcodes are optimized for printing and on-screen scanning. It is designed for ease of use and does not require fonts.

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    JavaScript Barcode Control

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    To install Barcode Generator and its dependent packages, use the following command.

    npm install @syncfusion/ej2-barcode-generator

    Supported frameworks

    Barcode control is also offered in the following list of frameworks.




      ASP.NET Core  

      ASP.NET MVC  

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    Key features


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    License and copyright

    This is a commercial product and requires a paid license for possession or use. Syncfusion’s licensed software, including this component, is subject to the terms and conditions of Syncfusion's EULA. To acquire a license for 80+ JavaScript UI controls, you can purchase or start a free 30-day trial.

    A free community license is also available for companies and individuals whose organizations have less than $1 million USD in annual gross revenue and five or fewer developers.

    See LICENSE FILE for more info.

    © Copyright 2023 Syncfusion, Inc. All Rights Reserved. The Syncfusion Essential Studio license and copyright applies to this distribution.


    npm i @syncfusion/ej2-barcode-generator

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