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@swagger-api/apidom-parser-adapter-yaml-1-2 is a parser adapter for the YAML 1.2 format.

CST produced by lexical analysis is syntactically analyzed and ApiDOM structure using base ApiDOM namespace is produced.


After prerequisites for installing this package are satisfied, you can install it via npm CLI by running the following command:

 $ npm install @swagger-api/apidom-parser-adapter-yaml-1-2

Parse phases

The parse stage takes YAML string and produces ApiDOM structure using base ApiDOM namespace. There are two phases of parsing: Lexical Analysis and Syntactic Analysis.

Lexical Analysis

Lexical Analysis will take a YAML string and turn it into a stream of tokens. tree-sitter / web-tree-sitter is used as an underlying lexical analyzer.

Syntactic Analysis

Syntactic Analysis will take a stream of tokens and turn it into an ApiDOM representation. CST produced by lexical analysis is syntactically analyzed and ApiDOM structure using base ApiDOM namespace is produced.

Parser adapter API

This parser adapter is fully compatible with parser adapter interface required by @swagger-api/apidom-parser and implements all required properties.


Defines list of media types that this parser adapter recognizes.

['text/yaml', 'application/yaml']


Detection of this parser adapter always returns false. The reason is that it's almost impossible to detect if a source string is YAML without actually parsing it. Don't rely on this function, rather use mediaType instead and please read Word on detect vs mediaTypes.


This adapter exposes an instance of base ApiDOM namespace.


parse function consumes various options as a second argument. Here is a list of these options:

Option Type Default Description
sourceMap Boolean false Indicate whether to generate source maps.

All unrecognized arbitrary options will be ignored.


This parser adapter can be used directly or indirectly via @swagger-api/apidom-parser.

Direct usage

During direct usage you don't need to provide mediaType as the parse function is already pre-bound with supported media types.

import { parse, detect } from '@swagger-api/apidom-parser-adapter-yaml-1-2';

// always detecting false in this parser adapter
await detect('prop: value'); // => false
await detect('test'); // => false

// parsing
const parseResult = await parse('prop: value', { sourceMap: true });

Indirect usage

import ApiDOMParser from '@swagger-api/apidom-parser';
import * as yamlParserAdapter from '@swagger-api/apidom-parser-adapter-yaml-1-2';

const parser = ApiDOMParser();


const parseResult = await parser.parse('prop: value', { mediaType: yamlParserAdapter.mediaTypes.latest('yaml') });




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