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This is a data management/fetching library written for Svelte, inspired by SWR, and with built in integrations for Suspense. By keeping all requests in cache, views can be rendered instantly while refetching any potentially stale data in the background.

See it in action


npm install --save @svelte-suspense/swr


SWR requires BroadcastChannel and LockManager.

Full support for those interfaces is included natively in:

  • Chrome 69
  • Edge 79
  • FireFox 96
  • Opera 56
  • Safari 15.4



import { swr } from '@svelte-drama/swr'

const model = swr<ID, MODEL>({
  key(id: ID) {
    return `/api/endpoint/${id}`
  async fetcher(key: string, id: ID) {
    const request = fetch(key)
    return request.json() as MODEL

ID may be of type any. MODEL must be an object that can be cloned via the structured clone algorithm.


  • key(id: ID) => string

    A function to create a unique cache when given the user defined id. Typically, this is the API path this data would be fetched from.

  • fetcher(key: string, id: ID) => MaybePromise<MODEL>

    A function to retrieve data from the server. It is passed key, the result of the key function and the same id passed to the key function.

  • maxAge?: number = 0

    Only use cached values that are no older than maxAge in milliseconds.

  • name?: string = ''

    Segment the cache using this as a key. Models with the same name share the same cache, so key collision must be kept in mind.


The returned object model has several functions for fetching data.

  • model.clear() => Promise<void>

    Clear all data from this cache. Note: Models with the same name share a cache.

  • model.delete(id: ID) => Promise<void>

    Delete item from cache.

  • model.fetch(id: ID) => Promise<MODEL>

    Returns data from cache if less than maxAge or performs a request using the provided fetcher

  • model.keys() => Promise<string[]>

    Returns all currently cached keys, regardless of age.

  • model.live(id?: ID, susepnd?: SuspenseFn) => Readable<MODEL | undefined>

    Returns a Svelte store that tracks the currently cached data. If no information is in the cache, the store will have the value undefined while data is requested. If the data in the cache is older than maxAge, stale data will be returned while a request to update data will be performed in the background.

    id may be undefined to allow for chaining inside of components. In a Svelte component, this will evaluate without errors:

    $: const parent = model.live(id)
    $: const child = model.live($parent?.foreign_key)

    If integrating with @svelte-drama/suspense, the result of createSuspense may be passed to register this store.

    import { createSuspense } from '@svelte-drama/suspense'
    const suspend = createSuspense()
    const data = model.live(id, suspend)
  • model.refresh(id: ID) => Promise<MODEL>

    Performs a request using the provided fetcher. Always makes a request, regradless of current cache status.

  • model.update(id: ID, data: MODEL) => Promise<MODEL>
    model.update(id: ID, fn: (data: MODEL) => MaybePromise<MODEL>) => Promise<MODEL>

    Update data in the cache.


import { clear } from '@svelte-drama/swr'


Remove all data from all caches.




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