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    SWR for Svelte

    This is a data management/fetching library written for Svelte, inspired by SWR, and with built in integrations for Suspense. By keeping all requests in cache, views can be rendered instantly while refetching any potentially stale data in the background.

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    Core Functions


    import { swr } from '@svelte-drama/swr'
    const key = '/my_url'
    const options = {
      fetcher: (key) => fetch(key).then((r) => r.json()),
      maxAge: undefined,
      plugins: [],
      updater: undefined,
    const { data, error, refresh, update } = swr(key, options) // or "swr(key, options.fetcher)"


    • key: string | undefined

      A string value uniquely identifying this resource. Typically this will be the url fetched. This value will be passed to any supplied fetcher function.

      If key is undefined, no data will be fetched and swr will immediately return.

    • options.fetcher: async (key) => any

      Whenever data is refreshed, this function will be called. It must return a value other than undefined to indicate loading was successful.

    • options.maxAge: number

      If data in the cache is older than maxAge in milliseconds, a new request to refresh the data will be launched in the background. This check only occurs during initializtion. To do continous polling, see [refreshInterval]((

    • options.plugins: SWRPlugin[]

      An array of plugins to provide additional behavior. See Plugins.

    • options.updater: async (key, value) => any

      If updater is defined, swr returns a writable store for data. Any changes to that store will be immediately persisted to cache and updater will be called to persist this data.


    • data: Readable | Writable

      A Svelte store containing the results returned by fetcher. Data is not updated if fetcher throws an error. A writable store is returned only if options.updater is defined.

    • error: Readable<Error | undefined>

      A Svelte readable store containing an error if the most recent request to fetcher threw an error. data and error may both contain data if a request was successful and a later refresh encountered an error.

    • processing: Readable<boolean>

      A Svelte readable store indicating if is a request is currently in progress. Useful for showing background activity indicators.

    • refresh: async () => void

      Force a new request to update the cache.

    • update: async (callback) => ReturnValue<typeof callback>

      Manually update the cache at this key. callback will be called with the current value of the cache, which may be undefined if data has not finished loading.

      This is most useful when performing optimistic updates or when receiving the results of an update from the server.


    import { clear } from '@svelte-drama/swr'

    clear() Deletes all items from cache.

    clear(key) Delete a specific key from cache.


    import { update } from '@svelte-drama/swr'

    Update the cache at a specific key. Most useful when preloading data or when data needs to be reloaded from the server.


    Mark data as stale, triggering any relevant fetcher functions fetch new data.

    update(key, new_value)

    Set the cached value.

    update(key, async (value) => {
      return new_value

    The current value will be passed to the callback, which may be undefined if data has not been loaded for this key yet.



    import { swr } from '@svelte-drama/swr'
    import { refreshInterval } from '@svelte-drama/swr/plugin'
    const { data, error } = swr(key, {
      plugins: [refreshInterval({ interval })],

    While a subscription to data or error exists, a request to refresh data will be made if data was last updated at least interval milliseconds ago and the current page is visible to the user.


    import { swr } from '@svelte-drama/swr'
    import { refreshOnFocus } from '@svelte-drama/swr/plugin'
    const { data, error } = swr(key, {
      plugins: [refreshOnFocus()],

    Treat data as stale if it was last updated prior to the most recent time this window gained focus.


    import { swr } from '@svelte-drama/swr'
    import { refreshOnFocus } from '@svelte-drama/swr/plugin'
    const { data, error } = swr(key, {
      plugins: [refreshOnReconnect()],

    Treat data as stale if it was last updated prior to the most recent "online" event.


    import { swr } from '@svelte-drama/swr'
    import { suspend } from '@svelte-drama/swr/plugin'
    const { data, error } = swr(key, {
      plugins: [suspend()],

    Suspend rendering at the nearest <Suspense> boundary until data is no longer undefined. See Suspense for more information.

    suspend must be called during component initialization.


    npm i @svelte-drama/swr

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