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Studio Log X

❎ X-out confidential data in log entries of a Studio Log stream.


const logger = require('@studio/log').out(process.stdout);
const logX = require('@studio/log-x');
const log = logger('app');
log.input('db', { connection: { login: 'admin', password: 'secret' } });

The above produces this log output:


Data objects are copied before modification to make it save to pass object references as log data.


The API consist of a single default function:

  • (path...): Returns a transform stream in object mode that filters the properties at the given paths.
  • (map): Maps topic names to filters. The special * topic is used if no matching topic filter was specified.
  input: ['connection.user', 'connection.password'],
  '*': ['token']

Supported notations

  • key: Property access.
  • key.path: Property path access.
  • items[0]: Array index access.
  • items[':a']: Quoted property access.
  • item.*: All values in object.
  • items[*]: All entries in array.
  • item.*.key: Property access in each value of object.
  • items[*].key: Property access in each entry of array.

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