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    Messages like you have never seen them before

    Hermes Example


    $ npm install --save @streammedev/hermes

    Basic Usage

    var ReactDom = require('react-dom');
    var Hermes = require('@streammedev/hermes');
    	placeHolder="Get your message across..."
    	suggestions={[/* your array of suggestions, updated when loadSuggestions is called */]}
    	loadSuggestions={function (term, fullText) {
    		// Get from your server,
    		// or whereever you get them,
    		// term is the current word
    		// fullText is the full input value
    	clearSuggestions={function () {
    		// clear your suggestion list
    />, document.getElementById('app'));


    Prop Name Default Description
    className "hermes" The container classname
    placeholder undefined Placeholder text to insert
    contentClassName "hermes-content" Classname for the contenteditable
    emptyClassName "hermes-empty" A classname added when the field is empty
    flyoutClassName "" A classname to add to the suggestions flyout
    flyoutElement "ol" A classname to add to the suggestions flyout
    children undefined Children to add inside the container
    autoFocus false Autofocus the field on render
    value "" The initial input value
    formatValue "" A function which formats the value display (see example)
    preventNewLines false Will prevent new lines in the input
    suggestions null An array of suggestions to show the user
    loadSuggestions undefined A function to load suggestions
    clearSuggestions undefined A function to clear the suggestions
    renderSuggestion undefined A function to custom render the suggestions items
    getSuggestionText identity function A function to get the suggestion text from the selected suggestion item
    onSelectSuggestion undefined A function to call when a suggestion is selected
    onChangeValue undefined A function to call when the value changes
    store undefined A redux compatible store like @streammedev/flux-store


    There is a working example, picutred in the gif above. Here is how to run it:

    $ git clone && cd hermes/examples/basic
    $ npm install
    $ node index.js

    Then visit http://localhost:1337.

    Advanced Usage

    The package exposes all of the internal parts, so you can compose them together in your application however you like.

    More to come on this.


    Contributions are welcome. Please see our guidelines in


    npm i @streammedev/hermes

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