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    Stream React Native Activity Feed Components


    npm i @stream-io/react-native


    Setup StreamApp component

    In order to use Stream React Components in your application, you first need to initialize the StreamApp component. StreamApp holds your application config and acts as a service/data provider.

    {/* everything from your application interacting with Stream should be nested here */}
    1. API_KEY your Stream application API_KEY
    2. API_ID your Stream application ID
    3. USER_ID current user's ID
    4. TOKEN the authentication token for current user
    5. ANALYTICS_TOKEN [optional] the Analytics auth token

    You can find your API_KEY and APP_ID on Stream's dashboard.

    Generating user token

    The authentication user token cannot be generated client-side (that would require sharing your API secret). You should provision a user token as part of the sign-up / login flow to your application from your backend.

    var client = stream.connect(API_KEY, API_SECRET);
    var userToken = client.createUserSessionToken(userId);

    Generating analytics token

    React components have analytics instrumentation built-in, this simplifies the integration with Stream. In order to enable analytics tracking, you need to initialize StreamApp with a valid analytics token. You can generate this server-side as well.

    var client = stream.connect(API_KEY, API_SECRET);
    var userToken = client.getAnalyticsToken();


    The components bundled in this library assume that you are using react-navigation for navigation; when reading docs and examples you should expect props.navigation to refer it.

    Flat feed component

    The FlatFeed component allows you to read a feed using Stream APIs and takes care of rendering the activities.

      feedGroup=feedGroup                 {/* the feed group to read (eg. "flat") */}
      userId=userId                       {/* the ID of the user (optional, defaults to StreamApp's userId)  */}
      navigation={this.props.navigation}  {/* your navigation instance */}
      ActivityComponent={Activity}        {/* the activity component to use (optional, defaults to Activity) */}


    Customizing Activities

    This library comes with an Activity component; in most cases you will have to make some changes to how activities are rendered. All components rendering activities have a ActivityComponent property that allows you to overwrite how activities should look like in your application.

    Adding activities to feeds

    TODO: explain how to add an activity to a feed

    Follow button component

    TODO: follow toggle button component

    Notification feeds

    Notification status

    TODO: how to add the bell component

    Notification feed

    TODO: how to render notification feeds


    Both Stream API and the React Native library support adding related data to activities called reactions such as: likes, comments, upvotes...


    Likes can be added to your activities using composition. Here's an example Activity component that includes a like count and a toggle button to like/unlike.

    import ReactionCounter from '@stream-io/react-native/lib/components/ReactionCounter';
    import LikeIcon from './images/tlike.png';
    import LikedIcon from './images/tliked.png';
    export default class Activity extends React.Component<Props> {
      render() {
        let {activity} = this.props;
          value={ || 0},
              activity.own_reactions &&
                ? LikedIcon
                : LikeIcon
          onPress={ () => {
            this.props.onToggleReaction('like', activity);

    You can also include the list of users that liked an activity using the LikesList component.

    import LikesList from '@stream-io/react-native/lib/components/LikesList';
    render() {
      let {activity} = this.props;
        onAvatarPress={(id) => this._onAvatarPress(id)}


    Comments are another use-case for activity reactions.

    Show last N comments
    import ReactionCounter from '@stream-io/react-native/lib/components/ReactionCounter';
    export default class Activity extends React.Component<Props> {
      render() {
        let {activity} = this.props;
              activity.latest_reactions &&
                ? activity.latest_reactions.comment
                : []
          renderComment={(item, i) => {
              return (
                  </Text>{' '}
          renderMoreLink={() => {
            return (
                  <Text>More Comments</Text>
    Post a new comment

    Custom reactions

    Likes and Comments are just a very common use case that come bundled with components; Stream APIs allows you to create any kind of reaction to users' activities (eg. share, clap, upvote, ...).

    More information about how Reaction APIs work is available here.

    Copyright and License Information

    Copyright (c) 2015-2018 Inc, and individual contributors. All rights reserved.

    See the file "LICENSE" for information on the history of this software, terms & conditions for usage, and a DISCLAIMER OF ALL WARRANTIES.




    npm i @stream-io/react-native

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