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    Create React App preset for Storybook

    One-line Create React App configuration for Storybook.

    This preset is designed to use alongside @storybook/react.


    This version (4.x) of @storybook/preset-create-react-app is compatibly with Create React App version 5 and above. Earlier versions are compatible with earlier version of the preset.

    Basic usage

    Note: you don't need to do this manually if you used npx -p @storybook/cli sb init on a create-react-app, everything should properly setup already .

    First, install this preset to your project.

    # Yarn
    yarn add -D @storybook/preset-create-react-app
    # npm
    npm install -D @storybook/preset-create-react-app

    Once installed, add this preset to the appropriate file:

    • ./.storybook/main.js (for Storybook 5.3.0 and newer)

      module.exports = {
        addons: ['@storybook/preset-create-react-app'],
    • ./.storybook/presets.js (for all Storybook versions)

      module.exports = ['@storybook/preset-create-react-app'];

    Advanced usage

    Usage with Docs

    When working with Storybook Docs, simply add the following config to your main.js file.

    module.exports = {
      addons: [
          name: '@storybook/addon-docs',
          options: {
            configureJSX: true,

    CRA overrides

    This preset uses CRA's Webpack/Babel configurations, so that Storybook's behavior matches your app's behavior.

    However, there may be some cases where you'd rather override CRA's default behavior. If that is something you need, you can use the craOverrides object.

    Option Default Behaviour Type Description
    fileLoaderExcludes ['ejs', 'mdx'] Extends string[] Excludes file types (by extension) from CRA's file-loader configuration. The defaults are required by Storybook.

    Here's how you might configure this preset to ignore PDF files so they can be processed by another preset or loader:

    module.exports = {
      addons: [
          name: '@storybook/preset-create-react-app',
          options: {
            craOverrides: {
              fileLoaderExcludes: ['pdf'],

    Custom react-scripts packages

    In most cases, this preset will find your react-scripts package, even if it's a fork of the offical react-scripts.

    In the event that it doesn't, you can set the package's name with scriptsPackageName.

    module.exports = {
      addons: [
          name: '@storybook/preset-create-react-app',
          options: {
            scriptsPackageName: '@my/react-scripts',

    Warning for forks of 'react-scripts'

    One of the tasks that this preset does is inject the storybook config directory (the default is .storybook) into the includes key of the webpack babel-loader config that react-scripts (or your fork) provides. This is nice because then any components/code you've defined in your storybook config directory will be run through the babel-loader as well.

    The potential gotcha exists if you have tweaked the Conditions of the webpack babel-loader rule in your fork of react-scripts. This preset will make the include condition an array (if not already), and inject the storybook config directory. If you have changed the conditions to utilize an exclude, then BOTH conditions will need to be true (which isn't likely going to work as expected).

    The steps to remedy this would be to follow the steps for customizing the webpack config within the storybook side of things. Details for storybook custom webpack config You'll have access to all of the rules in config.module.rules. You'll need to find the offending rule, and customize it how you need it to be to be compatible with your fork.

    See Webpack Rule Conditions for more details concerning the conditions.





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