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    🔌 Channel Provider

    It exposes a global object called channelProvider that implements the EIP 1193 standard.

    In the near future, it'll feature-detect if a wallet such as MetaMask has state channels support. If it does, the package does nothing; if it doesn't, it'll plug in the Embedded Wallet into a dApp.


    Include the channel-provider.min.js file in your app via a script tag:

    <script src="node_modules/@statechannels/channel-provider/dist/channel-provider.min.js"></script>

    Then, enable the provider, passing on an URL to where the Wallet UI hosted.

    This isn't final behavior. Eventually, the UI will be integrated inside a wallet like MetaMask, and the URL won't be necessary. Right now, we need this because of the usage of the .postMessage() API + CORS requirements.


    In order for the wallet connection to be useful, you'll want to enable it by calling .enable(). This method tells the wallet to establish a connection with the user's Web3 provider.


    Method Description
    mountWalletComponent(url?: string) Configures the dApp to be able to send/receive JSON-RPC messages.
    enable() Sends an EthereumEnable API call to the wallet.
    send<ResultType>(method: string, params?: any[]): Promise Sends a message to the wallet using JSON-RPC and returns the result, if any.
    on(eventNameOrSubscriptionId: string, callback?: Function): void Allows to register for events or subscriptions received from the wallet.
    off(eventNameOrSubscriptionId: string, callback?: Function): void Allows to un-register for events or subscriptions received from the wallet.
    subscribe(subscriptionType: string, callback?: Function): Promise<string> Allows to subscribe to an event feed, returns a subscriptionId that can be used later with .on() or .off().
    unsubscribe(subscriptionId: string) Removes all event listeners tied to a given subscriptionId and stops listening events on the requested feed.




    npm i @statechannels/channel-provider

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