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Plugin to configure Structured Data for Docusaurus sites

How it works

This plugin will generate Structured Data for your Docusaurus site, compliant with schema.org.

The plugin will generate the following types of structured data, and include them in the <head> of your site using the JSON-LD format:

  • Organization - augmented using data from themeConfig.structuredData.organization
  • WebSite - augmented using data from themeConfig.structuredData.website
  • WebPage - dynamically generated for each page
  • BreadcrumbList - dynamically generated for each page

Docusaurus generated microdata for BreadcrumbList is removed by this plugin in favor of the corresponding JSON-LD data.

Organization and WebSite can be extended using the themeConfig.structuredData object based upon properties provided (e.g. you can add any schema.org compliant properties for Organization and WebSite and these will be automatically included in your structured data for each page).

WebPage structured data is dynamically generated for each page, and includes the following properties:

BreadcrumbList structured data is dynamically generated for each page based upon the page route.

this plugin uses the postBuild lifecycle hook to generate the structured data for each page, and inject it into the <head> of the page. It is only invoked upon yarn build or npm run build commands being run.

Article structured data is automatically generated by this plugin for blog articles, including calcualting wordCount and including author data.



npm i @stackql/docusaurus-plugin-structured-data

yarn add @stackql/docusaurus-plugin-structured-data


Add to plugins in docusaurus.config.js:

  plugins: [

Update themeConfig in the docusaurus.config.js file, the following shows mandatory properties:

  themeConfig: {
    structuredData: {
      excludedRoutes: [], // array of routes to exclude from structured data generation, include custom redirects here
      verbose: boolean, // print verbose output to console (default: false)
      featuredImageDimensions: {
        width: number,
        height: number,
        author_name: {
          authorId: string, // unique id for the author - used as an identifier in structured data
          url: string, // MUST be the same as the `url` property in the `authors.yml` file in the `blog` directory
          imageUrl: string, // gravatar url
          sameAs: [] // synonymous entity links, e.g. github, linkedin, twitter, etc.
      organization: {}, // Organization properties can be added to this object
      website: {}, // WebSite properties can be added to this object
      webpage: {
        datePublished: string, // default is the current date
        inLanguage: string, // default: en-US
      breadcrumbLabelMap: {} // used to map the breadcrumb labels to a custom value

Config Example

Below is an example of a docusaurus.config.js file with the themeConfig.structuredData object populated with all available properties:

structuredData: {
  excludedRoutes: [
  verbose: true,
  featuredImageDimensions: {
    width: 1200,
    height: 627,
    'Jeffrey Aven': {
      authorId: '1',
      url: 'https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffreyaven/',
      imageUrl: 'https://s.gravatar.com/avatar/f96573d092470c74be233e1dded5376f?s=80',
      sameAs: [
  organization: {
    sameAs: [
    contactPoint: {
      '@type': 'ContactPoint',
      email: 'info@stackql.io',
    logo: {
      '@type': 'ImageObject',
      inLanguage: 'en-US',
      '@id': 'https://stackql.io/#logo',
      url: 'https://stackql.io/img/stackql-cover.png',
      contentUrl: 'https://stackql.io/img/stackql-cover.png',
      width: 1440,
      height: 900,
      caption: 'StackQL - your cloud using SQL',
    address: {
      '@type': 'PostalAddress',
      addressCountry: 'AU', // https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ISO_3166-1
      postalCode: '3001',
      streetAddress: 'Level 24, 570 Bourke Street, Melbourne, Victoria',
    duns: '750469226',
    taxID: 'ABN 65 656 147 054',
  website: {
    inLanguage: 'en-US',
  webpage: {
    inLanguage: 'en-US',
    datePublished: '2021-07-01',
  breadcrumbLabelMap: {
    'developers': 'Developers',
    'functions': 'Functions',
    'aggregate': 'Aggregate',
    'datetime': 'Date Time',
    'json': 'JSON',
    'math': 'Math',
    'string': 'String',
    'command-line-usage': 'Command Line Usage',
    'getting-started': 'Getting Started',
    'language-spec': 'Language Specification',
    're': 'Regular Expressions',

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