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    Vue Component Boilerplate


    This repository serves as a sensible starting point for developing Vue components which can be published as node modules.

    The following features are provided standard, but many of them can be configured:

    • Automatic Github repository creation
    • Documentation with Gitbook, publish to gh-pages baked in
    • Configurable linting with ESLint
    • Unit testing with Jest
    • Development sandbox with dev server and HMR provided by vue-play
    • Continuous integration with Travis CI


    1. Run the generator

    This boilerplate uses vue-cli as a generator to scaffold out your project. To install:

    npm install -g vue-cli

    Next, you will initialize the cli with a folder name and will be prompted with a series of options to configure the new component.

    2. Choose a folder name

    Important: To minimize any need to do manually renaming later, choose a folder name which matches the repo name you will use on Git.

    For example, if you want your component to be published as vue-dynamic-button on github and npm, that should be the folder name you select at the start.

    With that in mind, initialize the generator:

    vue init '@ssense/vue-component-boilerplate' my-folder-name

    You will be prompted with options and a new folder will be created for you in the current directory.

    3. Initialize the repository on Github

    An npm script is provided which will create a repository under the github username you specified in the generator's option prompt.

    Important: The following command will create a new repository on Github. If you'd like to configure your own git origin, skip this step and do so manually.

    Create and initialize a public repository:

    cd my-folder-name
    npm run init

    or create & initialize a private repository:

    cd my-folder-name
    npm run init:private


    After running generator, the usage instructions can be found in in the newly created directory.


    npm i @ssense/vue-component-boilerplate

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