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    SVG Based Angular Star Rating Component

    Simple Rating Component for your next Angular Project. Very simple to setup and use and comes with a lot of customizations.

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    • Simple and Easy to Setup
    • Ease to use
    • SVG based super light
    • Material Spec Icons for Standard Feel
    • Zero Dependencies
    • Supports half-star rating
    • Supports Rating Mode and also Display only Mode

    How to Use the Component

    Install the package using the command:

    npm i @sreyaj/ng-star-rating

    Import the StarRatingModule into your module

    import { StarRatingModule } from '@sreyaj/ng-star-rating';
      imports: [StarRatingModule],
    export class AppModule {}

    Now you can use the component inside your application


    You can now customize it with the following attributes

    Eg with few options:

    <ngx-star-rating [total]="5" [filledColor]="'#ff0000'"></ngx-star-rating>


    Feature Description Attribute Type Default
    No of Stars You can change the total rating number total number 5
    Display Mode Star Rating component can be used to just display the rating readonly boolean false
    Type of Stars The component supports filled stars and hollow stars design type filled or hollow hollow
    Rating Color The color for the filled Stars filledColor string #3db700
    Rating Color The color for the empty Stars emptyColor string #e0e0e0
    Rating Event Rating Emitted when user clicks on the rating rated number nil

    Feel free to open Issues and Pull Requests


    npm i @sreyaj/ng-star-rating

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